Which people have the highest risk of cancer?

A study revealed that if a person is experiencing cancer, there is a possibility of full recovery from it, but in this case if it is diagnosed early, while the treatment of the disease can be very painful.

But so far medical experts have not been able to determine which person has the highest risk of cancer.

But now it has been revealed that certain age and smoking are the most important factors that make any type of cancer.

New research has revealed that the use of sugary drinks

once a day increases the risk of liver cancer , a medical study in the United States has revealed.

The American Cancer Society’s research analyzed two research reports on 429,991 people.

These people did not have a history of cancer in the past and were evaluated for five years, during which more than 15,000 people were diagnosed with different types of cancer.

The study found that women aged 50 years or older and smoking are the most important risk factors, along with high body weight, diabetes type 2, history of cancer in the family, blood pressure and more time sitting physically.

Similarly, in men, age and smoking, as well as a history of cancer in the family, excessive consumption of red meat, more time sitting physically and alcohol consumption are factors that increase the risk of cancer.

"Our findings will help us determine groups in the general population that have a higher risk of cancer, so that more work can be done on cancer screening and prevention," the researchers said.

According to the study, all people aged 50 or older and smokers or past smokers have a 2 percent higher risk of cancer in the next five years.

After five years, the risk of cancer is 29 percent higher in men and 25 percent higher in women.

"At a time when we’re working on the possibility of tests that can identify multiple types of cancer, there’s a greater need to identify people who have the highest risk of any type of cancer," the researchers said.

They said that the groups that have been identified can protect themselves from this deadly disease through cancer screening and prevention efforts.

The findings were published in the journal Cancer.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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