Symptoms that indicate low blood pressure

Hypotension, or low blood pressure, can cause dark circles under the eyes, dizziness, and even fainting. Can this condition be treated? What are its causes?

Symptoms of low blood pressure
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Only a small percentage of adults experience hypotonia. Systolic blood pressure less than 100 mmHg in women and 110 mgHg in men is referred to as hypotension.

Hypotension – symptoms

The most typical signs of low blood pressure are tinnitus, headaches, and dizziness. After getting out of bed, a quick position change is frequently related to it. Concentration and sustained attention issues are additional signs of hypotension. Doctors believe that this is because not enough blood-borne oxygen reaches the brain’s cells.

One of the more serious side effects of low blood pressure is blurred vision and spots before the eyes .

People with hypotonia also say that their pulse is too fast or that their heartbeat is off. They are always tired and have no energy or strength.

People with low blood pressure have cold hands and feet, and their faces are usually pale. They are meteopaths; when the weather changes, it makes them feel bad. It’s more likely that they’ll pass out. They often have trouble getting enough air and sweat a lot.

Causes of hypotension

Most people with this condition have a type called “primary” or “essential” hypotonia. Most of the people who get this are thin and young. Some scientists say that their artery walls aren’t flexible enough, which makes them more likely to get sick. Their blood flows with less pressure and gives their cells less oxygen, which can lead to many health problems.

Secondary hypotension is caused by long-term health problems. It can be caused by heart disease, hypothyroidism, the adrenal cortex, or the pituitary gland. Diabetes and some infections can also cause it.

Orthostatic hypotension is low blood pressure that happens after a person stands up. It is caused by a quick change in body position. In the cardiovascular system, there are problems with how pressure is controlled. This is most often shown by passing out. The elderly are most likely to have this kind of low blood pressure.

The reason is that they use drugs, such as psychotropic or anti-diabetic drugs, or drink too much or smoke. Low blood pressure can also be caused by being dehydrated, which can happen if you have diarrhea or get sick from food.



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