Walking shoes for babies. What to consider when choosing them?

Shoes for learning to walk should be comfortable, flexible and as natural as possible. It must be remembered that the first steps of an infant are still clumsy and nothing should interfere with the improvement of walking skills.

Walking shoes. When should you buy them?

According to the latest knowledge, children should go barefoot as long as possible. This is extremely important because it allows the baby to freely experience various stimuli and test their abilities in changing conditions (we walk differently on a soft carpet, differently on sand, and differently on hard tiles).

Walking barefoot is also an excellent training for the senses, and for us, parents, the opportunity to be moved by the sight of tiny feet.

What first walking shoes to choose?

Healthy walking shoes are soft, flexible (they can be twisted to either side and they are easy to bend (especially in the place where the foot performs a rolling movement), comfortable, made of natural materials.

Children’s shoes for learning to walk cannot have a hard and stiff sole. In such footwear, the child’s movements are hindered and it is easier to fall. They are also very uncomfortable. Only soft shoes for learning to walk will provide a small foot with freedom of movement.

Also, make sure the shoe is breathable. This is very important, because the mechanisms of thermoregulation in small children are still maturing, so it is easy for them to sweat excessively. And none of us like sweaty feet. So when we are wondering what shoes to choose for learning to walk , let’s choose a model made of natural leather. Let’s also try not to buy too high shoes, so as not to limit the freedom of movement of a small foot. It is best when the upper ends before the ankle.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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