Earth’s inner center revealed to have reversed the direction of rotation

A new study has found that the Earth’s inner core has likely stopped rotating and started rotating in the opposite direction.

The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, suggests that this research will improve the understanding of the effects of deep-earth operations on the earth’s surface, including during the duration of the day.

Earlier research had shown that an outer liquid layer separates the innermost dimension of the Earth from the rest of the earth. Its magnetic field causes the gravitational effects of the mantle, including the rotation of the inner layer.

Previous studies have also concluded that these waves should pass through the same path from the inner center due to the change in time between the repetition of seismic waves coming from within the earth. However, the speed of rotation of the inner center has been ambiguous.

For the new study, researchers looked at seismic waves that have been passing through paths equivalent to earth’s inner core since the 1960s.

Scientists looked at the difference in the curvature of these waves and the time between these waves. The researchers observed that since 2009, there has been a slight change in the paths of these seismic waves.

The results of the research point to the idea that the earth’s inner core has stopped rotating. This could possibly be related to the reversal of the rotation direction of the inner center.

According to research, these changes are related to matters on the surface of the earth, such as the duration of the day.



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