Biscuits cause our weight gain : a research

Pennsylvania: According to a new study, digestion delays due to eating biscuits, cakes, burgers and sausage rolls cause our weight gain.

Scientists say that junk food changes the brain by reducing our ability to control our appetite.

In experiments conducted by the researchers in mice, it was found that cells called astrocytes control the stomach chemically. But according to research, continuous consumption of fat and sweet food disrupts this system.

"It appears that astrocytes (star-like cells in the brain) control calorie consumption in the short term," said lead author Dr Christine Browning from Penn State University in Pennsylvania.

He said that the research found that the short-term dilution of a high-fat/calorie diet had a great effect on astrocytes, affecting the normal signaling system that controls the stomach.

Over time, astrocytes become insensitive to a high-fat diet, he said. Astrocytes fail to react after eating for 10 to 14 days of a high-fat or calorie diet and appear to lose the brain’s ability to consume calories. It interferes with the signals going to the stomach and causes delay in digestion.

This research conducted by the team of scientists opens the way for the formation of anti-obesity drugs that target neurons



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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