The first nasal spray Covid vaccine was developed in India.

There are several nations competing to develop a Covid vaccine, and now India has created a nasal drop vaccine that reaches the respiratory tract and offers additional protection. Earlier in September 2022, China also developed an inhaled vaccine formulated into a spray. It is absorbed into the inner layers of the nose and respiratory passages, according to the scientists who developed it, offering more security and comfort. This is because the covid virus targets this area more frequently.

Nasal Covid Spray

The iNCOVACC vaccine, which is a booster dose, was approved by the Indian regulatory bodies in November 2022. It will be administered to patients who have received two doses of the widely used Indian drugs Covexin and Covexin. It can, however, also be administered in an emergency.

It is available for purchase online and costs INR 800 for private hospitals and INR 325 for public hospitals. You can space out the two doses over 28 days. An adenovirus that has the genetic instructions for teaching the body to fight infection is part of the Ancovac booster.



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