Diagnosing and treating cataracts with contact lenses

Glaucoma is a disorder that can lead to irreversible blindness. To fix this, specialists have developed a sophisticated contact lens that not only monitors the progression of the disease but also regularly dispenses medication.

glaucoma treatment
South Korean experts have developed an advanced lens that can detect green and cataracts, display intraocular pressure, and release medication accordingly over time. 
Photo: Courtesy University of PohangPhoto by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

When an eye’s drainage routes are blocked, fluid builds up inside the eye, raising intraocular pressure. This condition is known as glaucoma. The tiny veins in the eye are now crushed as the pressure increases, gradually impairing vision. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the eye’s escalating pressure (intraocular pressure or IOP)..

Thankfully, there are drops available to lower this pressure. However, as the IOP rises, its quantity must also increase, necessitating the measurement of the intraocular pressure. These lenses were created for that purpose.

Experts have developed the ability in this lens to automatically release more or less medication by observing the pressure. The lens fits the eye quite well, which brings us to our second point.

It was used on rabbits in the initial phase, and the results were outstanding. Drs. Tae Yoon Kim and Sae Kwang Han of Pohang University in South Korea developed the lens. The same team has already created efficient lenses that guard against diabetes-related vision loss.

Interestingly, this lens has the extraordinary ability to slowly release the drug


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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