A study confirms that these sleeping positions are unhealthy

A study found that some sleeping positions can cause physical discomfort. Learn more about these in this article, along with suggestions for improving your sleeping patterns.

Sleeping positions
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We sleep for about a third of our lives, did you know that? It is crucial to choose a comfortable sleeping position as a result. due to the fact that many sleeping positions pose health risks. But there is one position that is safe, according to a medical study from the University of Maryland.

For those of you who sleep on your back or stomach, this is not applicable. because the majority of health issues start here. The slightly relaxed throat muscles in the back position can cause breathing pauses in addition to constant snoring.

The study also discovered that back sleepers who have their heads propped up too much are more likely to experience lung and heart issues. This is so that the organs can function more easily while they are in this sleeping position. However, this is bad because the muscle is less strained, which can result in decreased organ function in day-to-day activities.

Stomach sleepers are at risk of back pain

On the other hand, the curvature of the spine in the case of stomach sleepers frequently results in issues with the intervertebral discs. Because the intervertebral discs are put under a lot of strain and this goes against the spine’s natural shape. Those who are affected suffer from severe back pain.

The position of the embryo

The embryo position frequently causes back and neck pain because of the embryo’s strong curvature. This is because the neck and back are both very stretched out, which can cause health problems in these areas over time.

The lateral position

Most people do, in fact, sleep on their sides. Even so, the body may not always benefit from it. Because your sleeping position actually affects this. Both the supine or prone position and the position to the right’s side are less than ideal. Due to the stomach’s natural shape, stomach acid may rise, which may cause heartburn or other stomach issues.

Therefore, lying on your left side in a lateral position is the best sleeping position. Sleepers on their left side experience better main artery blood flow and more controlled digestion. Because of the position on the left side, this is bent to the left, allowing for better blood circulation throughout the body. Additionally facilitated here are various metabolic processes. It’s also recommended for pregnant women to sleep on their left side.

However, in theory, the study’s authors advise frequently switching positions while you sleep. Even though we frequently move unconsciously while we sleep, you should make sure to regularly switch positions in order to reduce health risks.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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