Why do some people’s hands and feet become numb so often?

Numbness of hands and feet is quite common / File Photo

Almost every person experiences feelings such as numbness, numbness or pricking of needles of hands or feet.

This often happens in the legs when sitting too much in one way or the result of pressing the hand in one place.

In this condition, pain or weakness may also be felt in the hands and feet.

If often the hands and feet become numb, there is a feeling of needle pricking or numbness, then it can also be the result of a disease.

Some possible reasons for this problem are as follows:


Increasing blood sugar levels in the body cause nerve damage, due to which the hands and feet are often numb or chewing needles.

If this happens and there are symptoms such as excessive urination or thirst all the time, then you should consult a doctor and get a diabetes test.

If there is a lack of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin E or vitamin B9 in the body, then as a result of this, the hands and feet often start to become numb or the feeling of chewing needles.

These vitamins are important for nerves and other parts of the body and their deficiency damages nerves.

If the pressure on the nerve increases from the surrounding tissues, such as injury causes this problem.

This happens in the nerves of the hands or feet, they often become numb or feel like biting needles.

Carpal tunnel

It is a common problem of the hands during which the nerves in the palm are suppressed.

People with this disease often experience sensations such as numbness, needle pricking or numbness in the fingers of the hands.

Kidney problems

If kidney function is affected, fluid and garbage accumulate in the body, which damages the nerves, due to which the legs and feet often become numb while there is also a complaint of numbness.

Certain medicines can also damage the nerves, which makes the hands and feet numb or the feeling of biting needles.

Usually, this happens with medicines taken for the treatment of cancer, but it can also happen with medicines for heart disease or high blood pressure.

Autoimmune diseases

are diseases in which our immune system attacks healthy cells, they are called autoimmune diseases, as a result of which the complaint of numbness of hands and feet increases.

Several viral and bacterial infections also damage the nerves, due to which the hands and feet often become numb or it seems that someone is chewing needles in them.

The problem of numbness of hands and feet increases due to the formation of tumors near the nerves in the tumor body.

It can also happen with cancer or a normal tumor.

Thyroid problems

If thyroid diseases are not treated, then symptoms such as irritation, numbness and numbness in the hands and feet appear.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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