Cleaning the kitchen for 50 minutes burns more calories than cycling

Although most people dislike cleaning, a study found that doing a 50-minute kitchen clean can burn more calories than cycling.

Burn calories

According to studies, cleaning the kitchen burns 276 calories on average, while cleaning the bathroom and bedroom each burns 173 calories.

Ten experienced cleaners were given the duty of cleaning five homes while wearing Fitbits (an electronic device worn on the wrist to count steps and measure heart rate).

The collected data revealed that 50 minutes of kitchen cleaning can burn more calories than one hour of cycling. This activity may not aid in weight loss, as it engages fewer muscles than other workouts.

Joe Mitten, a trainer from the British county of Cambridgeshire, says that we should try to clean while sitting up straight instead of bending down.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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