A new way to help keep babies from going deaf has been found.

It is believed that some newborns are born with impaired hearing due to medical issues, some of which may result in lifelong deafness; in such situations, doctors provide antibiotics shortly after birth. Medicines are administered. However, antibiotics given to many infants shortly after birth to prevent deafness have adverse consequences for the infants, causing them to lose their hearing.

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Currently, there is no official test or method for precisely assessing the hearing ability of such children around the world. But British experts have come up with a new method that is being praised as being very helpful.

According to the BBC , health officials have developed a new method to detect hearing loss in newborns, which is currently in the early stages, but is likely to be made public soon.

According to the study, health professionals used microphones and other tools to test for hearing problems in babies by taking swabs of their cheeks. The results of the test were ready in just 26 minutes.

The report claims that although the aforementioned approach has not yet received approval, specialists are still evaluating it. A test kit is now being created at a cost of about two lakh rupees. Additionally, the kit can be built for less money.

The test kit is currently being tested on newborns in a limited number of hospitals in the UK and the initial results have been encouraging, which experts say could be beneficial for children in the future.

The above process is used to figure out what’s wrong with children’s hearing, and then the right medication is given.

In the past, doctors gave every child with a hearing problem a different antibiotic. Because some of these antibiotics had bad side effects, some kids lost their hearing for good.

Hearing problems or earaches are common in newborns and young children, but some children are left with lifelong hearing loss if the disease is not properly diagnosed.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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