Is being ‘bored’ good for mental health?

According to neuroscientists, occasionally allowing yourself to be bored is crucial for maintaining brain health. Being bored strengthens our social connections.

Boredom is good for mental health

Numerous social neuroscientists have found that when we stop doing something, our brain networks are most active. Therefore, boredom can be a fertile ground for creative ideas. This is a good chance to improve on the ideas that initially came to mind.

Similar ideas are presented in the book “The Science of Boredom” by British psychologist Dr. Sandi Mann. According to her, “boredom is such a powerful and motivating feeling that it can increase creativity and improve thinking.”

Sandi believes that when kids are bored, parents should let them be and not worry. She asserts that one benefit of boredom is that it doesn’t require special activities. Let them practice overcoming their own boredom instead. They will express their creativity in the same manner. Although being bored is supposedly bad for us, it actually recharges our brains.

Tim Kreider writes that “idleness is not a vacation; it is as important to our brain as vitamin D is to our body” in one of his articles that was published in another American daily. Our brains become more focused and inquisitive when they are confused, which boosts creativity and productivity. It enhances our daily performance and helps us make enduring memories.

The constant use of dating apps, social media, and business emails in today’s world can be mentally taxing. In order to reactivate it with the same force, one must brake. Sandi and many other experts believe that boredom serves as a defense against information noise because of this.

As adults, Sandi observes that we are constantly inundated with information. Only after we adjust to it can we deal with it. Moreover, we are at a loss for ideas. We are only motivated to consider other aspects of our lives when all of these things cause panic. Therefore, it is essential to instill even a small amount of boredom in order to maintain the enjoyment of doing nothing and accepting it. Given these advantages, we should embrace boredom and allow our minds to wander freely rather than looking for ways to avoid it. Because being bored can give us a chance to think about what we really want out of life.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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