Cough in Babies: Tips and Home Remedies that Have Been Tried and Tested

Unfortunately, it’s always freezing in the winter. Babies find a cold exhausting, whereas adults can tolerate coughs and runny noses quite well. Most notably, infants and toddlers suffer from persistent coughs.

cough in babies
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Depending on the age of the infant, it is recommended to consult a physician if he or she has a cough. This is the case if the infant is less than three months old and coughing, if the infant has a fever in addition to coughing, or if the infant appears generally listless and listless. If the cough causes breathing difficulties, call an ambulance immediately.

A dry and roaring ‘barking cough’ may be an indication of pseudo-croup or croup. It occurs primarily at night and can cause breathing difficulties in children. Symptoms include wheezing and hoarseness. It can also occur during the day. Always visit a paediatrician if you exhibit such symptoms.

If the cough is a symptom of a ‘simple’ infection, home remedies can help to improve the cough and allow the baby to sleep better at night.

The causes of a baby’s (cold) cough

Coughs caused by colds are frequently caused by viruses in both children and adults, which attack the upper respiratory tract first and cause a blocked nose. During the course of the common cold, the viruses can also infect the lower respiratory tract. There, the mucous membranes react to the intruders and want to get rid of them again, we cough.

At the onset of a cold, the cough in babies and adults is dry. However, once the viruses have made themselves comfortable in the bronchi, the mucous membranes react by producing mucus, making the cough wetter and more productive. This type of cough is frequently heard in babies.

Cough remedies for babies at home

It is not advisable to suppress a cough because it is one of the body’s defence mechanisms against foreign objects. You can instead assist the body in eliminating the cause of the cough. So what home remedies can help babies with coughs?

Drinking a lot

Both infants and adults experience a dry throat and mucous membranes when they cough. Increasing the amount of fluids can help the respiratory system produce enough mucus to transport the virus away. When coughing, breastfed infants should be latched more frequently, while older infants should consume more (warm) water or unsweetened tea.

Humid air

Nighttime coughing can be particularly disruptive. Increasing the humidity in the bedroom can aid your infant’s sleep and reduce nighttime coughing. To accomplish this, you can hang a towel saturated with warm water close to the infant. This prevents the mucous membranes from drying out and can reduce the coughing urge.

Onion juice for babies from 6 months

Onions and sugar can be used to make an expectorant that also has antibacterial properties. Simply dice an onion, place it in a canning jar, and add three tablespoons of sugar. Set aside for at least 3 to 6 hours, waiting for the sugar to dissolve and combine with the onion’s juice. The mixture is strained through a sieve. You can give your coughing baby a teaspoon of the juice several times a day. It is not a traditional drug, so it cannot cause an overdose.



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