What does the color of urine tell you about your health?

It is possible to know enough from the color of urine / File photo
Do you know that the color of urine reveals enough about health even beyond the water level in the body?

The use of water levels, foods and medicines in the body affects the color of the urine, but some medical problems also result in this color change.

Many times the color of the urine makes it possible to know about a disease or medical problem.

The colorless or transparent

Colorless or transparent urine indicates a person drinking too much water, which is not as dangerous as lack of water, but drinking too much water can disturb the balance of electrolytes in the blood.

Many times it is also a sign of diabetes because people with this disorder feel more thirsty, then they drink more water, which makes the color of the urine transparent.

Light yellow Color

Light or transparent yellow color is a sign that a person is drinking an appropriate amount of water.

This color means that there is a slight lack of water in the person’s body or it can also be said that seeing this color, water should be drunk.

Light orange

It is also often a sign of minor dehydration, the solution to which is excessive use of water.

However, this can also happen with the use of some vitamins and medicines.

According to medical experts, this color is seen when the amount of urine formed in the body is low, as a result of which the color becomes darker.

This can happen as a result of dehydration, strenuous exercise or hot weather, and the solution is to drink more water.

But sometimes it is also a sign of a problem in the liver.

Dark brown or black

color This type of color is usually seen when suffering from liver disease or rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdomyolysis is a serious disorder in which tissues begin to die and need to be treated immediately.

Eating certain foods such as beetroot or blackberry can cause the urine to turn pink or red.

Many times the blood also turns the urine red or pink, usually due to inflammation in the urinary tract, bladder infection or kidney stones.

In very few cases, it is a sign of kidney disease or cancer.

This color of urine is visible due to eating certain medicines or foods with high amounts of food dye.

Many times the green color also indicates inflammation in the urinary tract.


Being foamy is a clear sign of inflammation in the urinary tract, accompanied by symptoms such as very strong smell, excessive urination, and discomfort or irritation while urinating.

This color of urine indicates excessive use of dietary minerals like calcium or phosphorus, while sometimes it also indicates suffering from a parasitic infection.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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