Do you know the effects of the habit of rubbing your eyes?

The habit of rubbing the eyes is quite common which seems harmless and people feel that it reduces fatigue somewhat.

Don't rub your eyes

But did you know that this habit can be destructive to vision.

According to the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, a minor scratch in the cornea can cause serious damage to the eyes.

The risk of eye infection increases , as a result of this habit, the risk of various eye infections increases.

Eye infection occurs when germs are transferred from the hands to the eyes or for some reason the eyes are affected by worms.

According to experts, the thickness of the surrounding skin increases due to the melting of the eyes, as a result of which wrinkles appear while the skin also becomes dry.

If the eyes are itching due to an allergy, then the chemical reaction called histamine is triggered by melting.

This provides temporary relief, but after that the severity of the allergy becomes worse.

As a result of this habit, the hormone that maintains the color of the skin around the eyes begins to become more, as a result of which black circles begin to appear.

The intensity of cataract can be worse when you blink, the pressure on the inner chambers filled with eye fluid increases, which increases the risk of cataract.

If a person is affected by cataract, the severity of the disease becomes worse.

According to experts, as a result of this habit, redness increases in the eyes, while looking at the eyes, it looks as if you are tired.

According to experts, rubbing the eyes affects the structure of the cornea and weakens the vision, due to which the glasses have to be used.

Experts said that the functions of the blood vessels are affected by often rubbing the eyes, due to which bright light starts to bite.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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