What should I eat for dinner to make sure my blood sugar is normal when I wake up?

Keeping blood sugar levels in check requires a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, and regular use of anti-diabetic drugs. There is no one diet that everyone with diabetes should follow, so it is best to talk to a dietitian or doctor.

What should I eat for dinner to prevent morning hyperglycemia?

Low glycemic index (GI) is used to predict the rate of change in blood sugar up to three hours after a meal, and whole grain items are a good source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre.

Food products are divided into three groups based on their glycemic index: low (IG 55), medium (IG 56–69), and high (IG 70). Heat treatment increases a food product’s glycemic index, while simple sugars (glucose, galactose and fructose) have a high index. Vegetables have a low glycemic index.

Add wholesome protein and healthy fats, vitamins, minerals to create a balanced meal.

Among dairy products, the most popular ones have the following glycemic index:

  • milk (2% fat) – GI=32
  • natural yoghurt (2% fat) – GI=36
  • low-fat cottage cheese – IG=30
  • cream (18% fat) – GI=0

Bread and other cereal products:

  • wholegrain rye bread – IG=58
  • buckwheat (cooked) – IG=54
  • pearl barley (cooked) – IG=25
  • pasta – GI=55
  • wholemeal rye bread – IG=50
  • white rice (cooked) – GI=64
  • cooked brown rice – IG=60

Sample vegetables and fruits:

  • onion – GI=15
  • beetroot – GI=30
  • cauliflower (raw) – GI=15
  • pumpkin – GI=75
  • white cabbage – GI=15
  • Chinese cabbage – IG=15
  • cucumber – GI=15
  • red pepper – GI=15
  • tomato – GI=15
  • potatoes (cooked) – GI=95
  • lettuce – GI=10
  • corn (canned) – GI=55
  • watermelon – GI=72
  • apple – GI=38
  • kiwi – GI=53
  • banana – GI=52
  • avocado – GI=10
  • orange – GI=42
  • strawberries – GI=40
  • melon – GI=65

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