Intermittent fasting may increase the risk of heart disease or cancer

A new study shows that intermittent fasting may make you more likely to get heart disease or cancer.

Researchers at Mount Sinai did a study on mice and found that skipping breakfast cut the number of white blood cells by 90%. These cells help fight disease, control inflammation, and eliminate damaged cells from the body.

Dr. Philip Sorsky, an immunologist at New York City Hospital who led the study, said that it is important to understand how immune cells work because they are so important for other diseases like heart disease and cancer.

The researchers also said that the study shows for the first time that skipping meals causes stress in the brain, which hurts immune cells.

Some studies before this one said that intermittent fasting might have something to do with getting older. But this new research shows the opposite.

In this way of dieting, you limit the number of calories you eat for a few hours, days, or weeks in order to lose weight and change the way you eat.

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3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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