A man donated a lung to his son and saved his life: the story has moved Italy

There are stories that should be heard and shared. They talk about love and courage, feelings and real people, and the bonds that can’t be broken and will last forever between parents and children.

Father gives lung to son and saves his life

What we’re going to tell you today is the story of a father and his son, and how the father gave his son a lung to save his life. Anduel is 35 years old and comes from Albania. He thinks he is the happiest man in the world right now because he has helped his son get back to normal.

“I’m happy; now I see him running and playing like other children,” says Corriere della Sera. Anduel and his son have left the Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo, where the operation was performed, and are preparing to go home together, with the promise not to be separated again .

He donates a part of his lung to his son; it is the first case in Italy The story of Anduel and his child has been around the web and has moved him, confirming once again the beauty of family ties and the power of love that unites parents and children.

The Bergamo hospital called the boy “Mario” because he was so into the video game SuperMario. The boy had thalassemia. His father had received a bone marrow donation in the past. He had done everything he could to give him a normal life. But the transplant had made things worse, which was sad.

Hence the solution proposed by the Bergamo hospital: a possible living donor transplant. Anduel didn’t even think about it for a moment, and without hesitation, he agreed to undergo the operation .

So, on January 17, after 11 hours, the operation at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo went as well as it could. It was the first lung transplant in Italy from a living donor. After a week, Anduel was released from the hospital. The child, on the other hand, has been out of the hospital’s children’s ward for a few days. He will still have to go for regular checkups, but everything is going well, and he and his parents, Anduel and Ornéla, will soon be able to get back to their daily lives.

The man who saved his son’s life

The doctors at the Bergamo hospital said that a normal transplant could have led to the child’s body rejecting the organ, or, if that didn’t happen, the child would have had to have another surgery within a few years. This is why it was suggested to move forward with what was Italy’s first transplant surgery

from a living person.

Father Anduel told Corriere della Sera, “I didn’t think twice; it was about saving my son’s life.” “He had been sick for two years, and I thought the bone marrow transplant I had already done would fix the problem. However, it didn’t work. You think of a lot of things in two years, and you think you’ll never be able to solve the problem. Instead, everything went well, thanks to God and the doctors. He can now go to kindergarten and play with the other kids. For me, there is nothing more beautiful to see; it’s wonderful” .


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