Insomnia can make women heart patients

A study of 1.2 million people has shown that insomnia can cause heart disease, including a heart attack.

According to a new study, insomnia and less than five hours of sleep per day can cause heart disease, but its effect can be more on women.

A lengthy study published in the journal Clinical Cardiology took data from 1.2 million people from the United States, Norway, Germany, Taiwan and China. The majority (96%) had no heart disease and 43% of the women in the study.

Then it was found that 13 percent of the participants had some form of insomnia. That is, they had three big signs that they were having difficulty sleeping, it was not possible to maintain continuous deep sleep and they were getting up early and were not able to sleep again.

For several years, all participants were followed up, 2406 people with insomnia for 9 years and 12398 people who slept properly had low or severe heart attacks. According to experts, if you sleep five hours or less daily, the risk of a heart attack can increase by 1.56 (a little more than two times) compared to other people. But women were more involved, which showed that restlessness and short time of sleep can make women heart patients.

Professor Yamina Din of the University of Alexandria, Egypt, who was involved in the study, said that earlier we did not consider insomnia a disease, but new research is causing many diseases, including blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. In the new context, sleep needs to be given a lot of importance.

Experts have suggested that it is important to set a time for sleep. Keep the room dark, noise-free and cold while sleeping. Do not eat enough food two to three hours before sleeping, otherwise sleep can be affected. Avoid mobile phones and tablets while sleeping.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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