Researchers discover more benefits of oleic acid found in Olive oil

Olive oil contains oleic acid in the form of fatty acids that remove cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s

Just as turmeric is a curcumin chemical present in it, oleic acid in olive oil is also its most important ingredient. Now more medical benefits have been discovered.

health benefits of oleic acid found in Olive oil
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All types of olive oil contain 70 to 80 percent of oleic acid. Now experts from the University of Seville, Al-Jaraf Institute and Costa del Civil Hospital in Spain have done an important study. According to scientists, oleic acid is found in the form of fatty acids in olive oil and has proved to be very useful for the heart.

Oleic acids energize cell membranes and molecules and also play an important role in antioxidants. Then in a very deep way, it prevents cholesterol, thus protecting against blood thickening and heart disease. On the other hand, to reduce inflammation in the body, it contains important components that repel the attack of cancer.

Prevention of Obesity

Oleic acid also plays an important role in preventing obesity and obesity. Apart from this, they also protect DNA abnormally. The same research has shown that olilithinol amide, an important component derived from oleic acid, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Experts believe that this ingredient can be an important drug in preventing obesity. Apart from this, it also strengthens the immune system by keeping the cells in the best condition.



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