Starving without breakfast is harmful to health

A study conducted by researchers in other countries, including the United States, to examine the effects of hunger on health and especially the immune system, found that cutting fat without breakfast can be harmful to health.

Skipping breakfast is bad for health
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Generally, eating a diet or low foods is considered good for health and it is believed that it can prevent obesity and other diseases including sugar.

Most researchers also agree that staying hungry or eating less foods is beneficial for health, and many researches have proved this.

However, in the latest research, researchers examined the effects of hunger on the immune system and found that can be harmful to the immune system.

For the research, the researchers concluded by examining the effects on the immune system by feeding rats food and starving them.

According to the research published in the medical journal Immunity, researchers fed half of the mice as soon as they were activated, while half of the mice were kept away from the diet after mobilization.

Researchers examined the health of both mice, and especially their immune systems, and found that the immune system of starving mice is being affected and they are unable to cope with different types of infections.

Researchers said that by staying hungry without breakfast, there is a lack of special immune cells (monocytes) present in the human blood and at the time of hunger, these cells come out of the blood and hide in the bone marrow, which weakens the immune system.

According to researchers, however, as soon as a person starts eating food again, the monocytes sitting in the bone marrow return to the blood and they improve the immune system by getting the required amount of nutrition from food.

However, researchers note that this process can weaken the overall human immune system and humans are not ready or weakened to face various viral infections and diseases.

Researchers suggested that even if people prefer to eat less due to being overweight, they should still eat breakfast or they should keep eating light foods.

Researchers also suggested to investigate the matter further and learn more about the relationship between hunger and the immune system.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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