Why am I not losing weight? 12 mistakes that can cause an ineffective diet

Why are you not losing weight? It may be due to health issues, body recomposition, or a bad diet. There are many reasons why slimming methods won’t work for you, so check which ones apply to you.

Weight loss programme not working
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Check if you are making one of the 12 most common mistakes that make it difficult to lose weight or body fat.

You are not losing weight because you have a health problem

If you suspect issues with weight loss, check your health. Test thyroid hormone levels, glucose levels, and insulin levels using blood tests. Perhaps your inability to lose weight is due to hypothyroidism or insulin resistance. Before continuing to lose weight, ask your doctor for a recommendation for testing.

You don’t lose weight because you expect results too quickly.

Giving yourself time to lose weight is important, as normal and natural weight loss is 0.5-1% per week. The effects of weight loss depend on your starting body weight, so it is harder to lose 1 kg if you are only 5 kg overweight than if you have 30 kg to lose.

You don’t lose weight because you expect a constant weight loss

Weight loss is not a monotonous process, so take more measurements and don’t weigh yourself obsessively. One measurement per week is enough, and don’t be discouraged if the scale shows a higher result than last time.

You’re losing weight, but your weight doesn’t reflect it

Body weight can go up or down depending on your menstrual cycle, how much water you drink, and what’s in your gut. Track your progress by measuring your waist circumference in centimeters rather than using a scale.

You don’t lose weight because you don’t weigh products on a kitchen scale

Accuracy is essential when following a calorie-specific diet to maintain a caloric deficit. Use a kitchen scale to ensure accurate measurements.

You’re not losing weight because you’re consuming liquid calories

The daily calorific value of milk added to coffee can add up to several hundred extra calories per day, making it difficult to lose weight.

You’re not losing weight because you’re not eating enough

Never eat less than your basal metabolic rate, because that will throw off the balance of your hormones and make it harder to lose weight.

Reduce caloric intake gradually to achieve weight loss, adjusting to body weight and expectations.

You’re not losing weight because you’re not eating right

Use a balanced slimming diet with a good distribution of macronutrients to lose weight permanently, avoiding bread, pasta, rice, groats, potatoes. Carbohydrates play an important role in the weight loss process.

You’re not losing weight because you’re losing weight the same way as your friend

A healthy and effective diet should be well-balanced and made for each person. There is no one correct recipe.

You are not losing weight because you regularly take laxatives

Laxatives can slow down the bowels and make constipation worse. This can lead to electrolytic disorders that stop the muscles from contracting. This is a dangerous and ineffective weight loss method.

You don’t lose weight because you eat too much 

Reduce the caloric content of diet or increase physical activity to lose weight. Calculate your caloric needs and determine the caloric content of your diet.

You’re not losing weight because you don’t have much muscle

Strength and muscle-strengthening exercises, not just cardio, should be part of a woman’s training plan to help her build muscle tissue and avoid becoming overweight.

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