That’s why you should change your toothpaste immediately

You buy the same toothpaste every time? Then you are making a big mistake, say experts. Because if you always use the same kind, it will hurt your teeth.

Most of us stick with the same toothpaste for years. When we find a strain we like, we stick with it and buy it over and over again. For years, I used the same toothpaste. A strain that is advertised as being one that dentists like. When I went to the dentist recently and he asked me how long I had been using this toothpaste, I proudly told him, “Forever.” But instead of a friendly smile, she gave me a warning look and said, “You should change your toothpaste as soon as possible.”

change your toothpaste regularly
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What the specialist said shocked me a lot. Why shouldn’t you use the same toothpaste for years? The expert told me that the bacteria in my mouth would eventually get used to the ingredients in my toothpaste. Because of this, the toothpaste’s ability to clean gets worse and worse, and the bacteria could spread. A terrible idea, right?

Dentists say that you should change your toothpaste a few times a year. It doesn’t really matter if something is cheap or expensive. Only fluoride should be in the toothpaste, as this would protect the teeth from decay the best. The guideline of the German Society for Dental Conservation backs this up as well. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use natural cosmetics that don’t have fluoride.

Better no Withening toothpaste with abrasive particles

I also learned that if you want to keep your teeth in good shape, you should avoid Whitening toothpaste. In many cases, this has particles that are rough and hurt the enamel. Also, the whitening toothpaste doesn’t do what it says it will do. Anyone who thinks that the most expensive toothpaste will give them a white smile in just a few days will be disappointed. Instead, you should spend that money on a professional teeth cleaning once a year. This will not only make your teeth shine, but it will also keep them from getting hurt.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

2 thoughts on “That’s why you should change your toothpaste immediately”

  1. Yes
    Great post! I never would have thought that using the same toothpaste for years could actually make things worse. I have two questions, do you have any recommendations for fluoride toothpaste brands and do you think whitening toothpaste is safe to use occasionally or should it be avoided altogether? Thanks for sharing this valuable information!


    1. I use Colgate. You should try to find out this .

      Salvadora persica : Studies have shown that salvadora persica contains substances with plaque inhibiting and antibacterial properties against several types of cariogenic (caries-causing) bacteria found in the oral cavity. These bacteria’s growth and acid production are thus stifled. Its silica acts as an abrasive material to remove stains, making the teeth whiter.

      In the subcontinent people have been using this for centuries.


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