5 sleeping habits that will extend your life

Sleep is crucial for maintaining good health. Not only that, but a recent study found that having good sleeping habits can actually add several years to your life.

5 good sleeping habits
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While we sleep, a lot happens in our bodies. All crucial regeneration processes that maintain our health, fitness, and tranquilly occur. Sleep, however, is not the same as sleeping. Contrarily, sleep can actually be seriously disturbed by a variety of factors, including alcohol, overeating before bed, stress, caffeine, media use, and others.

A good night’s sleep is worth more than gold

The first results of a new US study were recently shown at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Washington, DC. They show how important it is to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep not only benefits the heart and overall health, but also lengthens life. According to the study, young people who practised good sleep hygiene were less likely to pass away at an early age. Poor sleep habits, on the other hand, are responsible for 8% of fatalities.

Data from 172,000 subjects examined

5 sleep factors that affect life expectancy

  • Sleep duration should be between seven and eight hours per night
  • Difficulty falling asleep  should occur no more than twice a week
  • Trouble staying asleep no more than twice a week
  • Don’t  take sleeping pills
  • You should wake up refreshed and rested for at least five days

Risk factors like a low socioeconomic status, smoking, drinking alcohol, and having been sick in the past were left out of the study so that the results wouldn’t be faked. 

Healthy sleep reduces the risk of death

The risk of death was up to 30% lower in subjects who met all five standards for good sleep quality compared to those who met none or just one. If they claimed to meet all five criteria, life expectancy was 4.7 years longer for men and 2.4 years longer for women. Further study is necessary to determine why there is a gender difference in this situation.

It matters how we sleep

In light of this, it’s critical to get quality sleep in addition to adequate amounts: “These findings, in my opinion, demonstrate that getting enough sleep is not enough. You must sleep soundly without experiencing any difficulty dozing off or staying asleep “Dr. Frank Qian, an internist and the study’s author, explains in a press release. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop good sleep habits early in life and to identify and address sleep issues in order to prevent premature deaths.


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4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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