Glyx diet : with the glycemic index to the dream figure?

The Glyx diet may be the right diet for weight loss and improved fitness, but finding the right change is difficult.

What is the Glyx Diet?

Marion Grillparzer coined the term “Glyx Diet” in 1999, and she has largely retained ownership of it ever since. The Starnberg native promises enduring success. The diet should be the foundation for a change in diet and increase knowledge of the characteristics of various foods.

As an illustration, consider having a croissant with jam for breakfast. The croissant has a very high glycemic index, which causes your blood sugar to spike. Your body releases insulin to lower and stabilise blood sugar once more, but this prevents fat burning. Now that the sugar value has decreased once again, you quickly become hungry.

And how does the Glyx diet work?

The Glyx diet focuses on foods with low glycemic values, such as vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products, which cause blood sugar to rise slowly. Vegetables, fruit, and whole grain products form the lowest level of the pyramid.

Course of the diet

The diet begins with three soup days to detoxify the body, followed by a Fatburner Glyx week for up to a pound of fat per day. The last stage follows the Glyx modular system for about twenty days, with an accompanying sports program and an anti-stress program. Stress is a dangerous fattening agent, so the diet recommends taking part in an anti-stress program.

A successful diet change

The Glyx diet requires an understanding of the carbohydrates in individual foods and the combination of foods in dishes to avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar. The glycemic index is a reference value that measures how quickly the blood sugar rises after taking 50 grams of glucose. The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose.

Low Value GI foods

  • fruit and vegetables
  • legumes
  • soy products
  • whole grain products
  • Poultry, fish & lean meat
  • Low-fat dairy products

You should avoid these foods

  • sweets
  • lemonades
  • pasta
  • husked rice
  • cornflakes
  • Processed Grain Products
  • Processed foods high in sugar

The Glyx diet requires avoiding free sugar, but sweeteners such as aspartame, stevia or cyclamate should be consumed with caution. Dishes such as the Glyx diet are easy to find, with specialist books and recipes on the Internet. This recipe makes it easy to lose weight.

Alternatives to refined sugar

Refined sugar still has some natural substitutes. With a low glycemic index of 35, coconut blossom sugar barely raises blood sugar levels. Rice syrup is made from rice flour, as the name would imply. Your blood sugar level only increases gradually because the body must first transform the maltose it contains into simple sugar.

This diet plan is recommended for the following :


diabetic✘ No
Pre-existing illness✔ Yes 
Stressful everyday life✔ Yes 
Vegans & Vegetarians✔ Yes

Conclusion on the Glyx Diet

The Glyx diet requires a great deal of discipline, just like any diet change. Although there is a detailed menu to follow, the dishes are frequently quickly created and are very diverse. A vital part of achieving the best results is sport. Find a sport that fits into your schedule easily and that you will enjoy over the long term. Of course, you can also stick to the physical activities recommended in the Glyx guide, but these are frequently quite monotonous and infrequently performed outside.

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