The most important reason for increasing the risk of disease like asthma has been found

Asthma is a very painful disease whose victims face respiratory problems and the most important reason to be affected by it has been revealed.

This was revealed in a decade-long medical research.

According to an estimate, there are more than 300 million asthma patients worldwide and until now experts have not been able to know why some people suffer from this disease while others are safe.

The study from Shandong University in China found that sleep plays an important role in asthma.

According to research, poor sleep doubles the risk of asthma.

Research has shown that good sleep reduces the risk of asthma, that is, it is very easy to keep the disease away from yourself and ensure good sleep for this purpose.

The study examined data from more than 455,000 people between the ages of 34 and 73 and explored the link between sleep habits and asthma risk.

At the beginning of the study, these people were asked for details about sleep habits, such as how many hours they slept or whether they were accustomed to waking up late at night, then these people were evaluated for more than a decade.

Genetic risks of asthma were also evaluated in these people, which found that one-third of the people had a higher genetic risk of being infected with asthma.

Over a decade, 17,836 people were diagnosed with asthma, and researchers discovered that sleep plays an important role in preventing asthma.

According to research, the risk of asthma increases by 47 to 55 percent in people with lack of sleep.

In comparison, good sleep reduces the risk of getting infected by this painful disease by 37 to 44 percent.

According to the researchers, the results prove that whether you are genetically at risk or not, good sleep is necessary to avoid asthma.

He said that 20 percent of asthma cases can be prevented with good sleep.

He acknowledged that the research was limited and the cause of asthma due to lack of sleep could not be determined.

Researchers said that possibly poor sleep leads to a worm reaction in the body, which increases the risk of asthma.

The results were published in the journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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