A new test has been created by looking at DNA that could warn of type 2 diabetes many years ago

Scientists have created a new DNA reading test that can predict type 2 diabetes for anyone many years ago.

Experts have long said that DNA in the blood can report diabetes long ago. For this, DNA methylation has been studied, in which a molecule of the methyl group binds to DNA or protein and affects it.

In the first phase of this process, 15,000 people have been evaluated and their risk of diabetes has been noted. But many years before this test, it can be known whether someone can suffer from this disease or not. People at risk can avoid it safely and carefully.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh used a model that included 10,000 people, each of whom were at risk of type 2 diabetes after 10 years.

The model was then tested on 449 people who were compared to the traditional way for the risk of type 2 diabetes. Finally, scientists conducted a large survey on 14,613 people.

Years later, scientists found that people who had predicted type 2 diabetes had a higher rate of developing the disease. In this way, data from thousands of people has shown that this test can currently detect or warn of the risk of this disease many years in advance.

It is expected that in this way we can not only keep the elderly healthy by protecting them from type 2 diabetes, but also reduce the increasing administrative and financial burden of the disease itself


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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