Black cataract disease in children has become an epidemic

Rawalpindi: The disease of black cataract (glaucoma) is spreading rapidly in Pakistani children, for which timely treatment is necessary.

In this alarming situation, in order to protect children from vision loss, 22 to 25 children are being operated every day at Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital.

With birth and then aging, black cataract disease in young children between the ages of 10 and 12 has made the situation so worrisome that parents started taking their children to eye specialist doctors to save them from vision loss for life. In this regard, al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital located in Rawalpindi is a center to protect children suffering from black cataract from this disease, where expert doctors are

performing the duty of ridding children suffering from black cataract by performing surgeries on them. Due to the increasing rate of black cataract in children, not giving adequate food to women during pregnancy is cousin marriage and not getting their eyesight examined on time after the birth of children. Black cataract disease in children can cause a risk of permanent loss of vision. It is important that parents get their children’s eyesight examined on a regular basis after their child’s birth.

In the absence of proper diagnosis and treatment by an authorized doctor, children can lose vision for life. There is a great need for awareness about black cataract disease so that children can be saved from vision loss by performing timely eye surgery. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital has the latest technology for the treatment of eye diseases. A large number of children suffering from black cataract disease are reaching the hospital, after which their surgery process is started after necessary tests.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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