The appendix is an important part of the immune system

The appendix is an important part of the immune system

The appendix is usually on the right side (in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen). The McBurney’s point is one-third of the right hip-navel distance.

The appendix is a 7-centimetre long organ extending from the cecum, made of muscle tissue, and covered with lymphatic nodules. It resembles a worm in shape, hence its name. It is located in the right iliac fossa or behind the bladder.

How does the appendix hurt? Symptoms of appendicitis

Appendicitis is the most common cause of pain in the appendix, but it can also cause tenderness on the right side of the abdomen during palpation, percussion, and the release of pressure.

Older people may have less severe appendicitis symptoms than younger people or children; however, the symptoms are generally more violent in these cases. Carcinoid or adenoma of the appendix are two other diseases that can affect the appendix.

What to do if your appendix hurts?

If you have severe pain that indicates appendicitis, go to the hospital or call an ambulance because surgery may be required. While you wait for assistance, apply an ice pack to the sore spot.

When appendicitis is inflamed, it is not recommended to apply warming compresses or a hot water bottle to the abdomen. Also, avoid using laxatives. As a result, if you are unsure what is wrong with you, consult a doctor.

Appendix : do we need it?

Until recently, the appendix was thought to be a vestigial organ, meaning it had lost its original function during evolution. It is now recognised as an important component of the immune system, and we require it. We can, however, live without it.

The appendix connects the intestinal microflora with the body and serves as a reservoir of beneficial bacteria during the neonatal period. It may also aid in the recovery from acute diarrhoea by repopulating the colon with beneficial bacteria. A 2009 study published by scientists at Duke University in Durham demonstrated that the appendix produces white blood cells that help the body fight viruses and bacteria.



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