Tooth root canal treatment or tooth extraction : what to choose?

Patients frequently struggle with the decision of whether to treat a tooth with a root canal and then rebuild it prosthetically, or to extract the tooth (removal) and then consider inserting an implant, for example.

Currently, it is much preferable to fight for a given tooth and treat it, then rebuild it prosthetically, than to remove it, thanks to extremely current root canal treatment techniques and the high efficiency of this strategy. It should be underlined that after root canal treatment, each root canal treated tooth (particularly premolars and molars) should be prosthetically reconstructed, which considerably extends its survival duration in the oral cavity as well as the period of use. Retaining your own tooth, even after root canal treatment and subsequent prosthetic restoration, ensures the same level of comfort as a healthy tooth.

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Oral hygiene after root canal treated tooth reconstruction

The patient can clean the gap between the prosthetically restored tooth and the surrounding teeth by flossing between them. In fact, after some adaptation

When you prefer to remove a tooth

If the patient decides to have the tooth pulled rather than have root canal therapy, he should be advised that this is only a short-term option. Although it will eliminate the source of the pain or discomfort, it will suffer other repercussions in the long run (e.g., several years). 

The tooth behind the extracted tooth, for example, will tilt toward the interdental gap. In addition, in the absence of support from the surrounding teeth, the upper tooth will passively erupt, seeking contact with the missing tooth. As a result, within a few years, the patient’s stomatognathic system (tissues and organs in the oral cavity and craniofacial region) may be disrupted, making subsequent prosthetic restoration or surgical treatment of the tooth substantially more difficult.

Treatment of disorders in the temporomandibular joint can also be much more expensive than trying to save the tooth with root canal treatment and its prosthetic reconstruction.



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