Why can’t the body move even when it is conscious during sleep?

Scientists are still trying to understand why people are not able to move even when they are conscious during sleep.

This condition is actually called ‘Sleep Paralysis’ in English, it is a very frightening type of experience during sleep, which is a normal condition or process, during this process a person feels conscious, but is not able to move.

This process is considered by ordinary people to be the effect of jinns/ghosts on the infected person, but in reality it is a disease.

Sleep paralysis often occurs either in sleep, or when a person is about to wake up from sleep, during this condition a person feels a severe kind of pressure on his body, he feels as if someone is strangling him, or a very frightening creature is sitting on his body.

Sleep paralysis can have many causes, such as trauma, anxiety, and stress, often due to these reasons sleep paralysis is more likely.

According to a BBC report, scientists believe that this condition occurs during sleep when a person is sleeping for long hours.

According to health experts, during sleep, the human body goes through different stages, in these stages of sleep, a stage is called ‘RIM’, in which dreams start coming after about one and a half to two hours, during this process the person remains motionless and is watching the events happening in his brain.

The interesting thing is that during this process, our body is naturally paralyzed, so that during the dream we do not harm ourselves, it is natural for the body to be paralyzed, which is also a gift for us.

However, Colin Espy of the University of Oxford said, "It is like walking in sleep, most people who go through this condition do not go to the doctor." It definitely becomes a topic of discussion. ‘

According to the report, medical experts say that this condition is common when there is a lack of sleep, but the most common and useful solution to treat this condition is awareness, in which the affected people are told about its scientific reasons so that they know that they are not at any risk.

In more serious cases, medicines can be used in which human distress is treated.

Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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