Medications in hot weather are dangerous to your health.

The heat has a significant impact on the medications we keep at home. Sunlight, high temperatures, and air humidity can all alter their properties. This applies to medications we take on a regular basis as well as those we use on an as-needed basis, such as when we have a headache.

Where should I keep medicines in the summer?

The storage of medicines is the foundation for their safe use in the summer. Keep medicines out of the bathroom and out of the car, both of which have high temperatures. It is best to keep them in a cupboard with a slightly lower temperature than the room.

Medicines that should be kept in the refrigerator should be transported in refrigerated bags , and after buying them at the pharmacy, go straight home with them.

Do not take these medications if you spend time in the sun

It’s also important to be aware that taking some medications and sunbathing shouldn’t be done together because even a brief exposure to the sun after taking them can cause burns, allergies, and skin discoloration.

The list of preparations to watch out for in the summer is long. These include, among others: 

  • painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. with acetylsalicylic acid,  ibuprofen or naproxen), 
  • antibiotics , 
  • cholesterol-lowering, anti-arrhythmic, diuretic, anti-diabetic and hormonal drugs (e.g. birth control pills). 

As a result, when we reach for a medication, we should carefully read its label. If it is discovered that the preparation is photosensitizing, avoid sunbathing during the treatment and for two weeks afterwards.

ABC of drug safety in the summer

Finally, here are the most important rules for storing medicines on hot days:

  1. store medicines at the temperature indicated on the leaflet attached to the package (usually 15-25°C),
  2. let’s hide medicines in places where it is dark and dry and where they are not exposed to sunlight (e.g. in a cupboard or drawer),
  3. never leave medicines in the car in the summer,
  4. do not store medicines in the bathroom, where it is warm and humid,
  5. let’s throw away medicines that have changed their shape, smell, color, consistency (became sticky) on an ongoing basis.


4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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