Things about asthma that are not correct

In fact, asthma is the name of an allergy, which anyone can suffer from, but it is not a life-threatening disease.

Asthma is the name of a respiratory disease in which the lungs of a person are affected.

There are many rumors in the society regarding this disease that need to be known.

In fact, asthma is the name of an allergy that anyone can suffer from, but it is not a life-threatening disease, now it is also important to know what causes asthma .

For example, flowers can also cause asthma and environmental pollution is also a cause while many people may also have asthma from animals.

Symptoms of asthma:

Symptoms of asthma include nervousness, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and coughing at night or in the morning .

An asthma patient cannot participate in sports activities:

For asthma patients, it is believed that such patients should stay away from sports activities and physical exercise so that they do not get breathless and do not have an asthma attack anywhere , but researchers have said that exercise is also necessary for asthma patients.

According to research, patients who participate in physical activity are two and a half times more likely to avoid an asthma attack than people who do not exercise.

The inhaler makes the patient addicted , its use should be abandoned:

It is very common in the society that the patient becomes addicted to the inhaler, but the inhaler has been declared by the experts as the best therapy for asthma patients because it goes to our lungs and relieves immediate discomfort while medicines are not so useful in relaxing.

Asthma goes away with age:

According to the World Health Organization , asthma cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled with timely diagnosis.

According to experts, asthma can be eliminated in children even if it is not serious, because when children grow older, their lungs also increase, so it can be controlled.

For pregnant women , asthma medications should be stopped during pregnancy :

According to experts, the use of inhaler during pregnancy is very safe for women suffering from asthma , in addition to this, inhaler therapy is also safe during labor and breastfeeding, which does not have any negative effect on the child and mother.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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