Sodium butyrate and weight gain: is it worth taking this slimming supplement?

Sodium butyrate can both support and reduce weight gain by regulating the work of the intestines and supporting proper metabolism. It can also help malnourished people gain weight.

Sodium butyrate is essential for the intestines and cells of the intestinal mucosa, as it is their main source of energy. It has been found to have an effect on human metabolism and weight control.

A scientific study from 2021 found that sodium butyrate can play a significant role in weight control, preventing weight gain on multiple levels. It works on the intestines, liver, pancreas, brain and adipose tissue, and can cause weight gain, particularly for those debilitated by diseases caused by nutrient malabsorption.

What causes sodium butyrate:

  • intestines – anti-inflammatory, supports the work of the intestinal mucosa
  • liver – improves the functioning of the antioxidant system, reduces fat storage and cholesterol synthesis;
  • pancreas – increases insulin secretion and decreases glucagon secretion, increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin;
  • brain – improves the expression of opioid receptors, which reduces the desire to eat , reduces appetite;
  • adipose tissue – increases the secretion of leptin, reduces the inflammatory reaction, stimulates brown fat .

Sodium butyrate increases energy expenditure and stimulates satiety, reducing the risk of weight gain and promoting thermogenesis.

Can sodium butyrate help you lose weight or prevent weight gain?

The question of whether sodium butyrate prevents weight gain or helps to lose weight is still unanswered. Studies have been conducted on animals and humans, but the doses of sodium butyrate that should be taken to prevent weight gain or support weight loss have not been precisely defined. It is not known how much weight can be lost as a result of using this substance and when it will happen, how long such therapy can last. The research so far is promising, but it is still too early to universally recommend sodium butyrate supplementation for weight loss prevention or reduction.

How to take sodium butyrate?

The dosage is the same for all indications indicated on the leaflets of medicines containing sodium butyrate – it is preferable to check it in the recommendations attached to the packaging. For at least three months, 150 mg of sodium butyrate (300 mg of granulated sodium butyrate) is commonly given twice a day. Nonetheless, the usage of such a preparation should always be discussed with a doctor, despite the fact that sodium butyrate supplements are available without a prescription.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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