Eating habits can reduce type 2 diabetes |

New York: New advice for diabetic patients is not only to take care of their teeth but also to chew the food well. This can reduce the severity of the disease.

Mehmet Iskan of the University of Buffalo, New York, at the Public Library of Science, has asked sugar doctors to get their patient’s teeth examined. Make sure that the patient chews and eats his food well. This habit can help a lot in reducing blood glucose in type 2 diabetes patients.

A total of 94 patients were evaluated in this small study who were all suffering from type 2 diabetes. Patients who had full teeth and admitted to chewing food well, their blood glucose levels were slightly lower than others. However, those whose teeth were broken or affected from place to place had abnormally high blood sugar levels.

It is estimated that people who do not chew and eat food may have up to 2% higher glucose levels in their blood than others. But experts insist that increasing glucose by one or two percent is also not uncommon. Because increasing the blood sugar of diabetics by just one percent can increase the risk of heart disease by 40 percent and in the same proportion itself.

This is because the process of digestion starts in the mouth. Nutrients are trapped in the teeth, they get saliva and it also affects the release of insulin. That’s why new research emphasizes chewing food.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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