Coffee with lemon for weight loss. does it work?

Coffee with lemon is a drink that is attributed slimming properties, but also cleansing the skin and helping to deal with migraines. Coffee with lemon can help in weight loss, because for some it reduces cravings for snacking, reduces the feeling of hunger, allows you to extend the fasting period and increase the intensity of training and burn more calories. Coffee with lemon for weight loss need to be drunk regularly 1-3 times a day.

The combination of coffee and lemon is supposed to facilitate weight loss and burn resistant fat, but also cause other health benefits. This is a fairly new trend, and its supporters argue that drinking coffee with lemon supports weight loss, stimulates metabolism and is an excellent remedy for hangovers.

Slimming effects of coffee with lemon

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world. Most people drink a cup of this black brew at some point in the day. A common addition to coffee is milk, cream, sugar, and in some places of the world cinnamon, cardamom or other warming spices are also added to it.

It turns out that many people also start the day with a cup of black coffee with lemon. It is not only about taste considerations, but about potentially strengthening the properties of both ingredients, thanks to this unusual combination.

Coffee with lemon is also drunk by some only because of its taste. Coffee with lemon is most often drunk cold, or with tonic, but there are also amateurs of warm coffee with lemon.

Coffee with lemon for weight loss

Coffee thanks to its high content of antioxidants, caffeine and specific organic acids has protective properties for the heart, has beneficial properties for diabetes, and may even protect against some types of cancer. Coffee itself does not lose weight, but it can support this process thanks to the fact that caffeine boosts metabolism and stimulates thermogenesis.

Drinking coffee (with and without lemon) can also help you maintain weight and control your appetite in some way. However, do not count on the fact that when you start drinking coffee, you will magically lose weight. To burn fat and lose weight, a well-developed reduction diet is necessary.

Lemon juice is also a health-promoting product. Freshly squeezed juice is a bomb of vitamin C and antioxidants. You’ve probably heard about drinking lemon water on an empty stomach. Such a drink is supposed to provide stimulation of metabolism and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

After combining coffee with lemon, do you get a miracle drink for slimming? Probably not. Certainly, this mixture is no more effective than coffee (or another source of caffeine) and lemon juice drunk separately. However, if after drinking coffee with lemon you feel a reduction in hunger or see other effects, you can confidently drink such a drink when trying to lose weight. Not without significance is also the placebo effect: if you believe that coffee with lemon supports weight loss, perhaps this will actually be the case in your case.

Is it worth drinking coffee with lemon for weight loss?

The lack of hard evidence for the slimming effect of coffee with lemon does not mean, however, that these substances do not work at all. Both coffee and lemon juice can have a health-promoting effect in some way. They slightly affect the natural acceleration of metabolism.

The ingredients for coffee with lemon are also low-calorie, so if you drink such a mixture without added sugar, you will not interfere with weight loss. However, do not count on the miraculous effects resulting from this combination.

If you like coffee with lemon, go ahead and drink this drink for health. However, if the sour taste does not suit you, there is no point in forcing yourself to drink it, just to help you lose weight. Drink coffee the way you like, and add lemon juice to salad dressing or drink with water. The slimming effect will be similar.



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