Heart disease increases in people with kidney disease

A recent long-term study has shown that people with various kidney diseases or complications are more likely to develop heart disease, which becomes very severe in some people.

Several previous studies have also shown that kidney diseases are closely related to heart diseases, while they also increase the chances of serious diseases such as stroke.

In this regard, experts from Boston, Massachusetts, studied 600 people with kidney disease and reviewed their health again after about six years.

According to the medical journal ‘JAMA’, experts took kidney samples of 600 people and studied them in the laboratory and detected their disease.

After five and a half years, experts reviewed the health of all the volunteers again, which showed that 126 people suffered from serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, heart attack and heart failure and some of them also lost their lives.

All of the people who were part of the study were middle-aged and none of them were minors.

According to experts, the people whose kidney samples were taken were specifically diagnosed with two kidney diseases.

Most of these people were found to have garbage collection in the kidneys, while others were found to have problems like blocking blood transmission due to swelling in the kidneys.

According to experts, the causes of kidney waste can be many, but the problem is usually common in people with diabetes, while the problem of swelling in the kidneys and not having proper delivery of con there is associated with blood pressure, but there may be other reasons.

Similarly, experts said that other kidney diseases or complications can also cause serious diseases like heart disease and stroke, but the chances of people suffering from these two diseases increase


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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