World Health Organization warns of the danger of artificial sweeteners

If you also use artificial sweeteners in your food or drinks, such as tea or coffee, be ware, because its use can have serious health effects.

According to a foreign news agency AFP report, the World Health Organization says that artificial sweeteners do not help in weight loss.

New guidelines were issued by the United Nations Health Agency, warning about the use of artificial sweeteners.

The World Health Organization said that after reviewing the available evidence, it was found that artificial sweeteners do not have long-term benefits in terms of weight loss for young people and children.

In addition, the use of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and death at an early age.

Remember that millions of people use artificial sweeteners in coffee, diet soda and food items every day, because they believe that the use of sugar increases weight, so artificial sweeteners are considered the best alternative to sugar.

However, artificial sweeteners can pose serious health risks.

Francesco Branca, director of nutrition and food safety at the World Health Organization, stressed that replacing global sugar with artificial sweeteners does not have long-term health benefits and does not lead to weight loss.

He says that if people want to reduce sugar consumption or are looking for alternatives, they should use fruits that include natural sweeteners.

He said that artificial sweeteners have no nutritional value, people should reduce the use of sugar from the beginning to improve health.

At the same time, the UN health agency stressed that the guidelines issued by them should be considered conditional because it is difficult to draw concrete conclusions due to the complications caused by the use of artificial sweeteners and the investigation done in this regard.

Nutritionists also pointed to the WHO report, according to them, the report was based on observational studies that could not establish a direct link between artificial sweeteners and weight or disease.

Nita Foruhy, a nutritionist and epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge in the UK, stressed that artificial sweeteners can be used to control weight in the short term.

He said that the main objective is to get long-term benefits, and in the future, the use of artificial sweeteners to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is not appropriate.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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