How important is it to keep a toothbrush out of the bathroom?

Many of you know that toothbrushes should not be kept in the bathroom, but still brush in the morning and night and leave it in the bathroom sink holder, because we have no idea how many germs attack the toothbrush by doing so.

Have you ever thought of cleaning your toothbrush better? Hearing this question, most people will think and most people will answer in the negative and only one or two percent of the people will take special care of cleaning the toothbrush.

According to healthline reports, not keeping the toothbrush clean properly can cause you to face serious health risks, including severe abdominal pain, mouth and dental problems.

Wash a toothbrush with warm water

The most basic way to clean your toothbrush is to wash it with warm water before and after each use.

Washing with warm water keeps away the bacteria that can accumulate in the toothbrush.

In most homes , the toilet and the wash basin are in the same place, due to which most people have to keep the toothbrush inside the bathroom.

But did you know it’s extremely dangerous to do that?

When flushing toilets, fecal forms in the bathroom, which is called toilet plume.

This plume reaches the place including the walls of the bathroom and spreads germs.

To avoid these bacteria, it is very important to keep the toothbrush out of the toilet.

Keep the lid and holder of the toothbrush clean

The bacteria in your teeth get into the toothbrush, and these germs then spread to the toothbrush lid and cover holder as well.

Often, the yellow layer in the holder also freezes and we forget to clean it in the absence, so always keep the toothbrush lid and holder clean.

However, make sure that the holder of the toothbrush is away from the bathroom.

Soak the toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash

If you are not satisfied with washing the toothbrush with hot water, you soak it in an antibacterial mouthwash.

Keep in mind that doing so can weaken brush bristles and you may have to take a new toothbrush ahead of time.

After brushing the teeth, put the mouthwash in a small cup and soak the toothbrush in it for about 2 minutes.

Should the toothbrush be boiled in hot water?

Toothbrushes don’t need to be put in boiled water to clean, as most toothbrushes are made of plastic.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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