People with obesity should use a weight loss drug (Semaglutide), medical experts

Dublin: Medical experts say that young people must use a medicine to lose weight, which has proved to be very effective in reducing obesity after research.

Speaking at the European Congress on Obesity in Dublin, researchers said that a weight-loss injection Semaglutide could help young people lose weight.

In the new clinical trials, obese young people were given a dose of the Semaglutide type drug for more than a year.

The study, published in the advertising journal Obesity, found that 45 percent of young people who used appetite-reducing drugs came out of the obese range 68 weeks after the start of treatment.

These people were compared to a group who had been given ‘placebo’ (i.e. fake drugs) for such a long time.

It was reported in the conference that about 19.5 percent of the people dropped out of the overweight category, while 25.4 percent of the people reduced their BMI to normal weight.

The researchers said that the use of semaglutide reduced the weight of an average of 18 kg, this drug offers an effective treatment option for obese young people.

Dr Aaron Kelly of the University of Minnesota said it should be taken as part of a set of measures for young people to combat obesity.

He said that the sooner treatment starts in this case, the better so that further weight gain can be avoided.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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