Genetic blood pressure and cholesterol revealed to cause ‘Alzheimer’s’

Although medical experts do not have a clear answer to why alzheimer’s disease is a disabling disease, some reasons are attributed to it.

But now a new study has revealed that Alzheimer’s disease can also be caused by genetic problems of cholesterol and blood pressure.

According to the medical journal JAMA Network, experts reviewed the data of 450,000 people to find a link between genetic cholesterol and blood pressure with Alzheimer’s.

The people examined by the experts were from 11 different countries of Europe and about 40,000 of them were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, while about 400,000 people did not have any Alzheimer’s disease.

When the experts reviewed the data, it was found that the people who suffered from Alzheimer’s had a higher amount of good cholesterol, which is commonly called HDL.

Similarly, systolic blood pressure levels were also found to be higher in people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The problem of high cholesterol and blood pressure in all people with Alzheimer’s was genetic, that is, they inherited the problem from family diseases and complications.

According to experts, generally high levels of good cholesterol i.e. HDL protect against diseases like stroke and heart attack, but it is considered a risk for mental and mental diseases.

Similarly, experts said that increasing 10 units of low blood pressure is also likely to increase Alzheimer’s disease, but this problem can occur in people who have a genetic problem of blood pressure.

At the same time, experts clarified in the research that the above research cannot be considered ideal, because all the people involved in it belonged to the same region i.e. Europe region, but more research should be done in this regard so that good cholesterol and blood pressure are related to Alzheimer’s.

Experts also say that Alzheimer’s is usually caused by the growth of the protein ‘amyloid beta’ present in the plasma and this protein sometimes starts to grow a decade ago.

Although there is no authentic cure for this disease, medical experts try to reduce its severity through various medicines and exercises.

This disease affects the brain, memory is lost, often it preys on elderly people, but people of any age can have this disease and as it has been said that it is incurable, catching it at an early stage helps to avoid it.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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