Excessive use of phone is dangerous!

The reason for the fight and the deterioration of the relationship, the shocking revelations in the survey report.

According to the survey report, 66 percent of the people believe that the time they should give time to the children, they are busy on the phone. According to 74 percent of Indians, their relationships with children are getting worse because of smartphones.

Smartphones have made many of our needs easy. We stay connected with our loved ones through phone even when we are away. But do you know that your child is getting away from you due to your excessive phone use. Yes, this has been revealed from the Impact of Smartphone on Human Relationship 2021 report, which shows that your excessive smartphone use has a bad effect on the mental condition of the child.

What does the survey report say

According to the survey report, 66 percent of the people believe that the time they should give time to the children, they are busy on the phone.

According to 74 percent of Indians, their relationships with children are getting worse because of smartphones.

  • 75% believe that due to smarts, attention is distracted, due to which they are not able to be more alert towards their children.

  • 74 percent believe that when they are busy with a smartphone and children ask something, they get irritated.

  • 69 percent believe that excessive use of smartphones does not distract their children’s attention.
  • 90% of parents feel that children are becoming aggressive due to smartphone use.
  • 85% of parents believe that children are cut off from social life because of smartphones.
  • 90% of parents believe that there is a decrease in social behavior in children.
    Indians have spent about 6.5 hours a day during Covid-19, which is 32 percent more.

  • More than 80% of people think that smartphones help them stay connected with their loved ones and improve their quality of life. 

  • 94% of people believe that the smartphone has become a part of their body and they cannot be separated from them.

  • People use their phones while eating out (70%), in the living room (72%), and even while sitting with family (75%).

Is digital education good?

Parents say that they want the children to go back to their old school days by switching off the phone. 95 percent of Indians admitted that they want to spend as much time with their children as possible without any hindrance.


Why does the new day begin at 12 o’clock at night?

Time is a big topic, it has a lot of importance in science.

Our days depend on the needles of the clocks, that is, what time has come, what time to do, etc.

But the question is, why does the new day start at 12 o’clock in the night (according to the Gregorian or Julian calendar)?

The answer is not simple, but quite confusing, but it is clear that it happened by the grace of ancient Rome.

To explain this, you first have to understand AM and PM.

AM is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase ante meridiem which means before noon or b4 noon.

As far as PM is concerned, it is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase post meridiem which means after noon or after noon.

In ancient Egypt, the day was divided into 24 parts or hours and the sun’s position in the sky was taken into account to determine the time.

This system is now called sundial, and since the sundial system could not work at night, it was necessary to determine noon and midnight, for which terms like AMPM were used (at that time, however, it was called something else).

Sundial was invented zero or 0 to 1,000 years ago, so the number 12 was used for the middle part of the day.

In ancient Rome, the SYSTEM of AM and PM was adopted and according to it, two groups of 12 hours each were formed, i.e. 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.

In 159 BC, a water clock arrived in Rome, which could tell about 12 hours of the night.

Because of this, the Romans started a new day from midnight for business and social engagements, because there were no engagements at that time of the night.

The Romans believed that changing the date in the afternoon would be very confusing, such as eating lunch on Tuesday and returning to work on Wednesday, which could cause various problems.

In this way, gradually it became a tradition and still there is no change in it.

Earth’s inner center revealed to have reversed the direction of rotation

A new study has found that the Earth’s inner core has likely stopped rotating and started rotating in the opposite direction.

The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, suggests that this research will improve the understanding of the effects of deep-earth operations on the earth’s surface, including during the duration of the day.

Earlier research had shown that an outer liquid layer separates the innermost dimension of the Earth from the rest of the earth. Its magnetic field causes the gravitational effects of the mantle, including the rotation of the inner layer.

Previous studies have also concluded that these waves should pass through the same path from the inner center due to the change in time between the repetition of seismic waves coming from within the earth. However, the speed of rotation of the inner center has been ambiguous.

For the new study, researchers looked at seismic waves that have been passing through paths equivalent to earth’s inner core since the 1960s.

Scientists looked at the difference in the curvature of these waves and the time between these waves. The researchers observed that since 2009, there has been a slight change in the paths of these seismic waves.

The results of the research point to the idea that the earth’s inner core has stopped rotating. This could possibly be related to the reversal of the rotation direction of the inner center.

According to research, these changes are related to matters on the surface of the earth, such as the duration of the day.

Prince Harry’s book sets a new world record for first-day sales.

The book “Spear” by British Prince Harry broke a record by selling more than 1.4 million copies on its first day on the market. The contentious biography of Prince Harry, titled “Spear,” set a world record by selling more than 1.43 million copies on its first day of release, according to a report from Guinness World Records.

Prince Harry's book

Former US President Barack Obama previously held the record for selling the most books, with 887,000 copies of his book “Promise Land 2020” being sold. On January 10, the book—which was released in 16 languages—began selling.

Even though copies of the book were taken right out of stores in Spain, the media had already heard about it. A Spanish translation of a copy of the contentious biography was accidentally released on the Spanish market, leading to several revelations. was This explains why many people expressed interest in purchasing Prince Harry’s book. According to the book’s publisher, “Spear” surpassed all other non-fiction titles on Penguin Random House’s first day of sales.

It should be noted that Prince Harry claimed in his contentious autobiography, “Spear,” that his older brother, Prince William, had physically assaulted him. After calling Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle “complicated” and “rude,” Prince William got into a physical altercation and hurt his back. The 410-page book also said that Prince Harry had killed 25 people while he was serving in Afghanistan.

He claims in his book that he has no regrets despite not being proud of killing 25 people in Afghanistan. Prince Harry has revealed a number of significant details about the British royal family, his relationship with his brother Prince William, father Prince Charles, and other family members in his biography. After his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in September of last year at the age of 96, Prince Harry’s book has been released as his father, Prince Charles, gets ready for his coronation in May of this year. being done

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