HONOR Announces the HONOR Magic V, Its First Foldable Flagship

HONOR today announced the launch of the HONOR Magic V, its first 5G foldable flagship smartphone, boasting industry-leading design, a revolutionary display and dynamic performance powered by the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Featuring an advanced ultra slim floating waterdrop hinge , a wider exterior display and the latest Magic UI 6.0, the HONOR Magic V takes a huge leap forward in innovative foldable smartphone design, with a range of features and functionality that set it apart from existing foldables on the market. The HONOR Magic V will be available in China from RMB 9,999.

“We are thrilled to launch our first 5G foldable flagship, the HONOR Magic V, which demonstrates our expertise and innovation in system design and our commitment to always delivering a best-in-class user experience.” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “HONOR has strong ambitions to become the top performing smartphone brand in the premium foldable market and we are confident our first flagship foldable will be very competitive compared with existing models.”

Industry-Leading Design Features Deliver a Creaseless, Symmetrical Display
Designed using an advanced waterdrop hinge technology that’s the slimmest compared to similar products in the market, the HONOR Magic V features an industry-leading symmetrical body, delivering a transformational user experience and creating a new benchmark in foldable smartphone design.

The HONOR Magic V boasts a 6.45-inch 44° curved OLED display when folded, achieving a wider 21.3:9 aspect ratio which sets it apart from other foldables on the market. This makes the device exceptionally user-friendly and functional, as the screen functions like a traditional smartphone, rather than appearing long and narrow. Equipped with an innovative waterdrop hinge, the HONOR Magic V unfolds to an extra-wide 7.9-inch creaseless display, delivering a more immersive tablet-like experience which is ideal for viewing content, multi-tasking and increasing productivity while working.

The screens on the HONOR Magic V support a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and delivers up to 1.07 billion colors, enabling users to enjoy a wide range of stunning colors and visuals in vivid clarity. With a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz , viewers are guaranteed an immersive entertainment experience no matter whether watching movies, browsing the web or gaming. The HONOR Magic V is the first foldable smartphone to receive the IMAX Enhanced certification.

Crafted with high-strength titanium alloy, zirconium liquid metals and high-strength carbon fibers which reduce the density of the device, the HONOR Magic V is extremely lightweight and balanced when held in the palm of a hand, enabling users to explore its full potential and functionality, whether folded or unfolded.

Dynamic Performance Powered by the All-New Snapdragon 8
The HONOR Magic V is the first foldable smartphone to be powered by Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G processor, delivering outstanding flagship performance. Backed by the latest Adreno GPU, the HONOR Magic V delivers an increase in GPU performance of 30 percent compared with the previous generation, enabling more productivity at faster speeds. The HONOR Magic V is also equipped with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, increasing overall processing speeds and storage capacity.

Ensuring users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and network performance when switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the HONOR Magic V supports the new LINK Turbo X, offering blistering download speeds.

The HONOR Magic V has an intelligent cooling system comprising the latest third generation graphene and an AI intelligent thermal management system to cool down the phone more effectively while maintaining efficiency.

A Revolutionary Camera System
HONOR continues to make advancements in imaging with the HONOR Magic V, which features a quad-camera array powered by AI with a 50MP rear camera and a 42MP front camera that deliver stunning photography and videography in three modes – Night, HDR, Zoom. Supported by HONOR Image Engine, an advanced imaging system enhanced by AI, the HONOR Magic V delivers best-in-class multi-camera computational photography everytime, no matter where you are or what you are shooting.

Debuting HONOR Magic UI 6.0 for a More Personalized User Experience
Debuting the latest HONOR Magic UI 6.0, the HONOR Magic V offers a range of enhanced, customized features to provide a smart life experience. Magic UI 6.0 comes with HONOR’s AI Engine, Magic Live. Through context awareness, profile prediction, and a large knowledge graph, Magic Live gives the HONOR Magic V the ability to act as a personal assistant, intelligently learning a user’s habits and behaviors to provide tailored recommendations, for example, travel reminders such as check-in times and boarding gate updates. Magic Live will become even more intelligent in the future, supporting the user in scenarios such as office work, study, health and fitness, lifestyle services, and many more.

In addition, the HONOR Magic V supports Multi-Windows, allowing the screen to split into multiple windows and enabling users to enjoy different types of content at the same time and customize and arrange them in their preferred style. Thanks to its AI Smart Intelligent System, the HONOR Magic V automatically detects and recommends content for Multi-Windows based on usage, enabling enhanced personalization and entertainment.

Next Level Privacy and Security Features
Equipped with a dual-security system [HTEE+QTEE], the HONOR Magic V will be able to meet security requirements for key services all over the world. The HONOR Magic V also has an independent security chip to deliver maximum security for passwords and biometrics like fingerprints.

Ultra-Long Battery Life and Enhanced Fast-Charging
Featuring a dual-circuit battery design, the HONOR Magic V is powered by a whopping 4,750mAh battery for all-day use. The HONOR Magic V supports 66W HONOR SuperCharge, enabling the battery to be juiced up to 50 percent within just 15 minutes.

Colour, Pricing and Availability
HONOR Magic V is available in three stunning colors: Black, Space Silver and Burnt Orange.

The HONOR Magic V will be available in China starting on January 18, and priced at RMB 9,999 for the 12+256GB version, and RMB 10,999 for the 12+512GB version.

Buying Bluetooth headphones: the most important questions

What does sound quality mean?

A lot is written and discussed about sound . Nevertheless, one must be aware that it is an individual sensory perception . One listener likes a neutral sound (straight frequency response), another finds it sterile and boring. A classical music fan has different requirements for headphones than someone who likes tech house. The general rule is: high-quality headphones are particularly good at mastering all the different challenges and being a kind of all-round tool . Bad sounding headphones, on the other hand, can hardly be saved even with software equalizers via an app.

Why is the seat so important?

Headphones are something that you wear directly on your body ( “wearable” ). That means a good fit is crucial. In order to avoid expensive bad purchases and annoying returns, you should try out the desired model yourself beforehand – be it borrowed from a friend or in a shop (where, in fairness, you can buy the right item right away).

Replacement adapter for in-ear headphones from Comply Foam (Image: Comply)

In the case of in-ear models, it depends on the silicone adapters whether the fit in the ear canal is correct. Only good insulation ensures a rich sound: If the housing is too loose in the ears, the bass is lost. If they are too tight, this leads to an uncomfortable feeling of pressure and even pain within minutes. Adapters made of flexible memory foam are recommended. When handling in-ears, you should also pay attention to hygiene (clean hands) – after all, you put an object near your eardrum.


Are Bluetooth headphones harmful to your health?

When it comes to health, there are also isolated concerns about the radiation exposure caused by Bluetooth devices. The electromagnetic fields are clearly measurable, but not so easy to interpret, even for scientists. “According to current knowledge (…) the high-frequency radiation generated by Bluetooth networks is too weak to (…) trigger acute health effects,” says the fact sheet of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (PDF) . The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) generally recommends minimizing radiation exposure in order to keep possible but “previously unrecognized health risks” low ( information sheet as PDF ). 

Bluetooth Multipoint: Why is it important when using multiple players?

Multipoint wireless headphones stay connected to multiple paired devices at the same time. So you can easily switch between different players (e.g. smartphone, tablet) when playing music without having to pair again each time.

What about cell phone apps and what about data protection?

Anyone who buys modern Bluetooth headphones, in principle, not only pays for the headphones themselves (hardware), but also for the firmware and app that go with the operation (software). Some headphones can not be used to their full extent without a smartphone app – this comes into focus when you have to create a login to use the app , which in turn collects data and transfers it to the manufacturer. Anyone who attaches great importance to data protection should take this aspect into account and find out beforehand how the manufacturer has envisaged the use.

Noise Canceling (ANC) in headphones: what does the technology do?

The topic of noise-canceling has been penetrating more and more consumers for a number of years. The active lowering of outside noises by counter-sound can actually ensure a pleasant calm by mainly suppressing low-frequency and monotonous sources of interference (engine hum, air conditioning noise). But you should be aware that some of the manufacturer’s advertising promises are exaggerated. Even the best ANC headphones cannot achieve absolute silence like in an anechoic room, which is technically not (yet) feasible. But it becomes audibly more pleasant to enjoy music while traveling by plane or train. Occasionally, users also ask themselves whether noise canceling is harmful to health: the answer to this is no,as an ENT expert from the University of Dresden confirmed on request.

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