Polar Pacer is a smart watch for runners

Polar has launched a pair of smartwatches for athletes – Polar Pacer and Pacer Pro. One is for beginners who are just getting into running and the other is for those who are a little serious about running.

Both watches feature a minimalist design. they have thin frames and weigh only 40 grams and 41 grams for the Pro model, respectively.

They are lightweight so you can hardly feel them on your hands. Watches come with 20mm straps. However, you can use any strap with the Pro model.

Watches feature a round display. It is a MIP-type transflective panel for better readability in the sun.

MIP Display Modules offer excellent image quality and visibility with ultra-low power consumption.

Improved readability

There are three buttons on the side for control. The manufacturer also boasts improved performance and there is no lack of sensor equipment led by an optical sensor for constant heart rate measurement, and the watch also measures the found steps, calories or VO 2 Max.

Both models also offer integrated GPS with which it lasts up to 35 hours, otherwise you can count on weekly endurance. As mentioned, each of the watches is aimed at an otherwise experienced runner

. The basic model is to get the user to run. The watch will test you while walking and estimate your fitness and design running plans. For the Pro model, it is already calculated that these are more advanced runners, as well as more detailed statistics from activities. The watch even adds a barometer.


The FDA has approved a Fitbit watch for measuring heart rate

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) has approved a technology called atrial fibrillation-detection technology. It measures heart rate. 

Under the new technology, Fitbit notes the heartbeat and its fluctuations several times a day with intervals and in case of a dangerous condition, checks to see if the heart condition is being affected. This condition is called arterial fibrillation. On the one hand, this condition can lead to paralysis and on the other hand, it can lead to death.

With the Fitbit software, patients themselves can know their condition, otherwise it is possible for the device to stay in the background and note the condition and heartbeat.

Fitbit introduced this feature in 2020. When it was tested on several people, it identified several cases of irregular heartbeat with 98% accuracy and it was possible to save the lives of these patients. Then there’s the Apple Watch. Since then, Apple has repeatedly approached the FDA for its watch. Two months ago, Apple again asked the FDA to approve its general use in light of the new evidence.

Although Fitbit devices are still less effective than conventional devices, they can be used to refer patients to the hospital for immediate medical attention by identifying dangerous symptoms. Experts believe that wearing a Fitbit can help heart patients detect atrial fibrillation immediately. In this way the condition of the heart can be constantly monitored.

Fitbit has announced that it will be the first company to release this kind of watch to the American public after approval.

Fitbit is a Google-owned wearable brand.

Google is launching a Smart Watch with 32GB storage.


 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 

 The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung is currently the most attractive smartwatch with the Android operating system.  But that could change soon.  The Google Pixel Watch has been spotted at a US provider and reveals exciting details about the equipment there.  Samsung needs to wrap up warm.

 Google Pixel Watch: Smartwatch with lots of memory

 Google hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of its own Wear OS 3.0 smartwatch, but it’s already surfaced in the US under the codename “rohan”.  So Google is preparing the market launch in the background. 

The provider also published some information.  The internal memory is said to be 32 GB (source: Android Police).  That would be twice as much as with the Galaxy Watch 4 (for testing) and four times as much as with other Android smartwatches, which usually only have 8 GB.

 The Google Pixel Watch will be available in grey, black and gold.  Since it appeared at a provider, an LTE modem is also installed.  The Google Pixel Watch can also work completely independently of a smartphone.  This is where it gets interesting again, because Wear OS 3.0 still lacks the Google Assistant. 

At the latest when the Pixel Watch comes, Google should finally introduce the function for operating the clock.  Maybe Google is considering some special features especially for this watch.

 The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also has a lot to offer:

Fitbit Charge 4: A powerful fitness tracker with GPS

The Fitbit Charge 4 proves itself in the test as a powerful fitness tracker with GPS. You can get the all-rounder at a really good price.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is exactly the right fitness tracker for everyone who expects a lot of functions, wants to remain as flexible as possible, and doesn’t want to spend a small fortune on a fitness gadget right away.

The key data include an integrated GPS module, an NFC chip for contactless payment (Fitbit Pay), Spotify support, and many classic sports functions such as continuous heart rate measurement, a display of the calories burned, and the recognition of activities such as swimming, running and cycling. The fitness watch is also waterproof up to 50 meters and the bracelets can be changed.

“Compared to the previous model, the equipment has been expanded and now has, for example, a GPS sensor and the contactless payment system Fitbit Pay. The accuracy has also been slightly improved. On the other hand, nothing has really changed in the already very good usability of the Fitbit Charge 3. Neither has the optics, although the aluminum housing has given way to the plastic housing. The pricing is okay. “


  • Up to seven day battery life
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Manage Stress
  • Alert when you decide
  • Health metrics

Snapdragon Wear 5100: the SoC that will equip the next connected watches

With the notable exception of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 , most smartwatches on the market are powered by Qualcomm chips.

The most recent models of watches have a Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100+ SoC.

News reports say that the American company is working a chip called “SW5100” which will again be available in two variants, Wear 5100 and Wear 5100+.

SoCs for watches will be made using 4 nm process

WinFuture has revealed information that these chips will be made by Samsung.

The Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ are manufactured on the 12 nm process, while the older SoC Wear 3100, dated 2018, wade using 28 nm process.

New reports say that the two Snapdragon Wear 5100 and 5100+ chips will have four ARM Cortex-A53 cores.

The CPU would be clocked at 1.7 GHz against 2 GHz for the Wear 5100 Plus. On the other hand, the chips would inherit an Adreno 702 GPU clocked at 700 MHz instead of the Adreno 504. On the other hand, these SoCs would support up to 4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, where the Wear 5100s are limited to LPDDR3, as well as eMMC 5.1 memory and no longer just eMMC 4.55

In terms of connectivity, WinFuture announces Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 5 GHz (802.11c) and LTE. The SoCs would be able to manage two sensors, one of 16 MP and one of 13 MP.

A coprocessor for the Snadragon 5100+
IThe Snapdragon 5100+ would adopt a so-called MEP ( Molded Embedded Package ) structure in which the SoC and the PMIC ( Power Management IC ) are integrated into a single box.

The Snadragon 5100, on the other hand, would feature a so-called MLP ( Molded Laser Package ) design where they are separated.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Android smartwatches are getting much better

Source: Samsung

Apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. 

With the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung currently offers the best smartwatch. Not only is it the only watch that can access the latest software from Google, it also has a completely new processor. Now, however, new Android smartwatches are on the way, which will make Samsung a good competitor. And they come at just the right time.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic watches come in analog and digital faces a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colors. It gives you the choice to select one according to your tastes. 

Spice up your character watch faces with AR Emojis to express your style, while animated graphics show what you’re up to, like running or listening to music.

Ridge Sports Band which is made of fluoroelastomer material will enable you to wear the watch comfortably all day. The band is durable and sweat-resistant. 

Source: Samsung

Users can track their fitness progress using the watch. The good news that it measures your body composition accurately.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will accurately tell you about your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water and other important details. 

Source: Samsung

The watch comes with the Samsung BioActive sensor. You can now measure a BIA measurement using just two fingers in 15 seconds. Anytime, anywhere.

Source: Samsung

You can track your activities and fitness on the watch and phone. You can count steps, check your calories.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic detects physical activity to track your routines and supports more than 90 exercises for a more accurate report of your workouts.

The sleep tracker has now improved measuring options. It can holistically analyzes your sleep stages and check your blood oxygen level and snoring patterns. You can now get advanced insights from the National Sleep foundation. 


The Galaxy Watch4 Classic comes with Wear OS Powered by Samsung, giving you seamless connection with Samsung Galaxy devices. Control ANC on Galaxy Buds2 or enable apps on your phone straight from your watch. Additional features like the compass makes the Galaxy Watch4 Classic even more resourceful.

Samsung has made an exclusive deal with Google for a certain period of time, so only the South Korean manufacturer can use the “Wear OS 3.0” operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4 . 

All other manufacturers are stuck on the older version. This agreement is about to expire. So we could expect completely new smartwatches in a few months, which will then really run with the latest software from Google and at the same time have a brand new processor, which in turn will be supported for the next few years. Then the duel between Samsung and the various smartwatch manufacturers could again take place at eye level.


Strong smartwatch at a bargain price: The Huawei Watch 3 Active can do that

With the Watch 3, Huawei has launched a really good smartwatch that scores in almost all categories in the test. 

The Huawei Watch 3 at a glance
The Huawei Watch 3 is packed with everything that can fit into such a small smartwatch. The watch offers GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN and LTE (eSIM), among other things. 

In addition to the obligatory pedometer, the sensors include a position, acceleration and brightness sensor, a heart rate monitor, ECG, a measurement of oxygen saturation and even a fall detection. Of course, the smartwatch is also waterproof.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with the watch. However, the smartwatch has one drawback: since there is no connection to the Google Play Store, the selection of apps is very limited. If that doesn’t bother you, you’ll get a very good watch at a fair price.

Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch 3 Pro?

Technically, the watches are almost identical. However, the Pro model is a corner larger and thus also offers a more powerful battery. In addition, titanium is used for the case, while stainless steel is used in the standard model.

The Huawei Watch 3, together with its Pro counterpart, is the best Android smartwatch 

It deserves this position in particular thanks to its sharp OLED display, the extensive technical equipment including mobile communications, fall detection and water protection as well as a enormously long-lasting battery. Unfortunately, the absence of Google services also causes some limitations. NFC is therefore not usable outside of China and you will look in vain for Google Maps or even Spotify. But at least some of the annoyances can be avoided with a paired smartphone

The Huawei Watch 3 offers pretty much everything that currently fits in a smartwatch. Included are GPS, LTE, WLAN, an altitude sensor, a heart rate monitor and even a fall detection. What you have to do without, however, is a connection to the Google Play Store – the app selection is therefore limited

New HUAWEI Watch GT 3: More fitness functions and two weeks of battery life

Smartphone users now opt for big batteries when they decide to buy phones. Now they hope that smartwatches makers will offer them big batteries.

Smartwatches have become very popular among health-conscious people. These people will like the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3, which is packed with tons of functions and a big battery. The maker says users can use their watches for two weeks with recharging. This long-lasting battery will enable them to monitor their health round the clock and take accurate measurements. However, buyers must keep in mind buyer that this smartphone comes in two models. The smaller modem which is 42 mm watch lasts a week without charging.

 HUAWEI has also made enhancements to the round smartwatch with Harmony OS. It has added several fitness functions, a new sensor package, a cool AMOLED color display, and tracking of vital data around the clock.  HUAWEI packs all of this in 11 mm or 10.2 mm total thickness and only 42.6 grams or 35 grams in weight and doesn’t forget the classic smartphone functions.  Of course, all wearables, like the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Smartwatch, are compatible with Apple and Android devices.  In just a few steps, your smartwatch is connected to the HUAWEI Health app on your smartphone.  You can download the app for free.

 With the HUAWEI Watch GT 3, you can pursue ambitious sporting goals, such as marathon training.  But it can also be done more comfortably or with a different focus because the watch also sees itself as a health manager.  The smartwatch brings practical functions for a healthy everyday life, for example, it reminds you to always drink enough, to be careful, or to take the medication in good time.  With the range of activities in view, the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 is a health coach on your wrist, with which you can also approach a daily step goal.

 HUAWEI has improved sleep tracking and stress detection.  A built-in sensor can even be used to determine body temperature.  So the watch may warn you of infection before you even feel it.

 And, of course, the GT 3 is a real smartwatch that allows you to keep your cell phone in your pocket more often.  For example, there is a call function, remote release for the smartphone camera, music player for up to 500 songs without a smartphone or small text blocks with which you can quickly reply to messages without pulling out the smartphone.

 The sports functions of a smartwatch are based on two components: hardware for data measurement and software for processing the measured data.  Both are improved by the GT 3. There are over 100 training modes, including running, mountaineering, hiking or skiing, as well as various indoor training options.

 The location sensor supports the five satellite systems GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS and QZSS.  The newly built TruSeen5.0 + sensor package on the underside of the housing integrates eight LEDs for measuring the heart rate including oxygen saturation.

 AI algorithms help to design training plans based on the current fitness level.  The clock reacts to the current shape, so plans adapt dynamically so that you are not over-or under-challenged.

 The watch also scores with cool extras: surfers can display the tides, hikers know about sunrise and sunset.  In the event of a sharp drop in air pressure, which the built-in barometer detects, the watch even gives out severe weather warnings.

Vivo Watch 2

Vivo Watch – Vivo

Soon, the Chinese company Vivo will launch the second generation of its smartwatch Vivo Watch 2. The first, official renders of this model have been leaked to the network. It shows watch with a classic appearance.

The first information about the appearance of Vivo Watch 2 was found on the web a few weeks ago – the manufacturer introduced support for this unannounced device to the Smart Health App. The news reports say that the device has been certified by the Chinese Ministry of Industry.

Official promotional materials created by Vivo about the Watch 2 model have been leaked to the network .

The watch has  a classic design with a round case in at least two colors: black and gray with a silicone or leather strap. The device has narrow frames surrounding an OLED screen with a diameter of 42 mm, and the hardware features will include heart rate monitoring and a GPS module. It is not yet known when Vivo Watch 2 will be officially launched – it is possible that it will happen this year.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the Tech Awards 2021 plebiscite is underway, in which you choose the best smartphones, TVs, games and other new technologies. There are special prizes for voting!

Apple Watch Series 7 launched with big display and battery

Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a number of upgrades compared to last year’s Apple Watch Series 6. The most prominent feature is that the watch has been redesigned.

Apple launched this watch on Tuesday during the company’s “California streaming” event

The new Apple Watch model is the eighth edition of the Cupertino giant’s smartwatch series, which debuted in 2015.

The watch has 1.7mm thin boards, so as to provide maximum display area. Apart from the new design, the Apple Watch Series 7 has the largest display, which comes in 45mm size variants. This watch also comes in 41mm option. Apple claims that using the new design, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers 20 percent more screen area than the Apple Watch Series 6. At the same time, it is 50 percent more than the entry-level Series 3 model.
The Apple Watch Series 7 GPS is priced at $399  in the US, while the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular option costs $499 . It comes in five new aluminum case color options, including Midnight, Starlight, Green, New Blue and Red.

Apple Watch Series 7 specifications, features
The 40mm and 44mm models were introduced in the Apple Watch Series 6, while as an upgrade, you will get 41mm and 45mm case options in the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple has given an Always-on Retina display in it, which was also present in the old models. However, some improvements have been made to the display, which is claimed to provide 70 percent brighter results than the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple has designed the display of the Apple Watch Series 7 with 20 percent more screen area and thinner borders of 1.7mm.

Talking about the key features of the Apple Watch product lineup, it has health and fitness features. However, the company has not made any special addition to the latest device, in which you get health and wellness tracker in general. The Apple Watch Series 7 also has a feature to track blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) using the built-in blood oxygen sensor. It also monitors your heart rate using an electrical heart rate sensor. In addition, this smartwatch also detects atrial fibrillation (AFib) and can provide an electrocardiogram (ECG) report.

Apple has provided watchOS 8 in this watch. This new operating system was introduced in June during WWDC 2021.

Apple Watch Series 7 is capable of providing enhanced slip tracking with features like sleeping respiration rate and sleep trends. Apart from this, you will get two unique watch faces in the new Apple Watch, they are Contour and Modular Duo.

With the larger display, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers a larger font size and a new QWERTY keyboard, which can be tapped or swiped with QuickPath.
Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 can be used for up to 18 hours on a single charge. Apart from this, 33 percent fast charging is also available with the new Apple Watch.

This watch is IP6X-certified, which is dust-resistant. WR50 rating is given for water resistance. However, the new Apple Watch comes with a magnetic fast charger USB-C cable and support for all Apple Watch wristbands that were introduced with the earlier model

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