iPhone 14 will probably have significant security features.

There are rumors’ that the American computer and mobile technology giant Apple will unveil computers and tablets, including its iPhone 14, by the end of the week. This time, there is a chance that the company will offer big improvements to its phone lineup. According to reports, the company has modified the phone’s appearance for

Source: iPhone 14 will probably have significant security features.

Happy Teacher’s Day

Clinging onto mommy’s finger on the first day of school, afraid of letting go from the fear of unfamiliarity… a soft and warm hand reached out and I instantly felt safe I stared at her smiling, she too stared back and smiled; We walked away together into a world and who would have known, she […]

Happy Teacher’s Day

Aphelion phenomenon : Social media posts based on misinformation have caused concern to millions of people

Since the beginning of July, Facebook posts and tweets as well as other social media posts as well as WhatsApp messages have been spreading the word that the weather will be cold all over the world from July 4 to August 22 and people may get sick during this time. And their throats will be sore.

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Fibrous foods can reduce antibiotic resistance

Research has now shown that fiber-rich foods cause changes in the gastrointestinal tract that reduce the risk of antibiotics becoming less effective.
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Following a big smartwatch recall, it appears that overheating is affecting more devices.

Source: Fitbot

A well-known smartwatch manufacturer is still struggling. Overheating caused burns to a number of other Fitbit users, according to reports. The company now has to answer to a court in the United States.

Fitbit, a Google company, appears to be having major issues with its devices overheating. Watches from the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Sense product lines are now now affected, according to “Ars Technica.” Fitbit Ionic smartwatches were recalled for the same reason a few weeks ago.

A defective battery was discovered to be the source of the issues at the time. 78 users were determined to have burns in the United States alone. Two of the instances were third-degree burns, while the other four involved second-degree burns. Other gadgets appear to be affected as well.

Following a big smartwatch recall, Google appears to be refusing to issue refunds.
Owners of a Fitbit Versa Light and a Fitbit Versa 2 in the United States are now complaining. They, too, have been burned. Fitbit, on the other hand, frequently blames “skin irritation” or “friction” for the injuries.

In addition to harming consumers, the actions also address Google’s treatment of fitness watch buyers. Customers should have been given a complete refund of their purchase price. Apparently, a large number of users are yet to get their funds.

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