iPhone 14: New Apple cell phone will last longer

Better Wi-Fi and more battery performance – Apple optimizes the iPhone 14. (Image source: Apple)

Smartphones need a lot of power for their processing needs. Reports say that Apple has decided to a large battery in the upcoming smartphone iPhone 14. 

The Economic Daily News a Taiwanese based newspaper revealed its reports that Apple would install new 5G wireless chips made by TSMC in the iPhone 14.

People are attributing Apple’s decision to use large battery to its decision to use Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon X65” modem iPhone 14. 

TSMC manufactures the new chips using the 6 nm process. This process allows for smaller chips with lower power consumption. Installation of smaller chips has given free space to Apple that’s it has decided to use the “Snapdragon X65” modem. A large battery in iPhone 14 means it will give the smartphone to more power to last longer.

Good to know: The said RF transceiver chip will probably also support the new “Wi-Fi 6E” radio standard. It offers more bandwidth and should ensure less interference. Incidentally, there were already rumors about the new radio technology in November last year . According to the reports, Apple’s decision should also be the basis for the data connection of the mixed reality headsets that will be released next year. In summary: The iPhone 14 offers better battery performance and also has optimized WLAN reception.

Apple’s test production is already underway
With the details that have now become known, the picture of the iPhone 14, whose test production has already started , is completed. Apple should then start mass production in the summer , so that the market launch in September can take place on time. There will again be four models in total, although you will have to do without a mini edition. However, the iPhone 14 Max will be new to the range, the standard variant with a larger 6.7-inch display equivalent to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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