Popular heart drugs may extend life

A study published in the journal "Aging Cell" shows that popular drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease can slow down the aging process. Although the analyzes involved animals, according to the authors of the study, they may prove to be an effective anti-aging strategy.

This is the first such discovery. Popular heart drugs may extend life

The most effective anti-aging intervention currently considered to be a calorie-restricted diet. But as experts point out, analyzes of calorie restriction in humans have produced mixed results. New research has shown that there is already a drug that may be a viable solution.

High blood pressure medications can prolong life

A group of researchers from Europe and the United States made an extraordinary discovery. Scientists have proven that rilmenidine prolongs life and improves health indicators in animals. The drug is currently used in patients with hypertension .

The benefits observed by the investigators were related to the treatment of C. elegans nematodes with rilmenidine . Unlike other drugs studied by the group of experts, it is rilmenidine that has the potential to translate the results achieved in studies to humans.

Side effects from the use of this drug are rare and not serious, emphasize the authors of the analysis.


10-minute CT scan helps in common cause of blood pressure and success in treatment

The activity of certain hormone glands in the human body causes constant blood pressure disorder. Now British experts have discovered  a completely new way to identify and treat these glands with just 10 minutes of CT scan.

Three UK organizations have jointly conducted
a successful human experiment of permanent treatment of blood pressure
by eliminating the fine bulge above the adrenal gland with a ten-minute scan.


Doctors at Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Cambridge and Barts Hospital have developed a new type of CT scan that can throw light on the fibers growing on the hormone glands and then remove them and treat high blood pressure.


The study, published in Nature Medicine, has solved a 60-year problem facing medicine. One in 20 patients with high blood pressure has these nodules on the same glands. Earlier, doctors tried their best to diagnose and expel him and had to face failure.


On average, 128 people in this study were suffering from high blood pressure and this was due to steroid hormone. With the help of CT scans, experts found that two-thirds of the patients had a little more of the hormone ‘aldosterone’ which was coming from a gland of their body called the adrenal gland. Experts noted fine bulges above this gland. When these bulges were removed, the blood pressure of the patients started to come under control.



But the method devised is very complex and also completely new. During the scan, a radioactive dye ‘Metomide’ is inserted on the gland, which detects it by emitting light by sticking to a thin bulge. Then it is successfully ousted. This method has proved to be more effective than traditional treatment, which takes less time and reduces pain.



Previously, there was a 99% failure to see the emergence of the adrenal gland with a normal CT scan. However, after many years of hard work, it is now possible to successfully treat people suffering from this strange type of blood pressure.


It has been successfully tested on a total of 18 patients and thus it can be widely used on humans

Now it will be possible to check blood pressure only through the finger

This will make it much easier to know blood pressure readings / Photo Courtesy Ingadget.com

Both an increase or a decrease in blood pressure are considered disastrous for health.

Usually, a special machine is used to check blood pressure, whose cuff is placed on a specific part of the arm and reading is obtained.

But now the world’s first cuffless blood pressure monitor has been developed, on which it is possible to know blood pressure readings only by placing a finger.

A company called Valensell has developed this blood pressure monitor, which was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to the company, it is possible to know blood pressure from this monitor with a fingerprint clip instead of putting a cuff on the top of the arm.

Usually, such a method is used to know the speed of the heartbeat, but it will make it much easier to know blood pressure.

The device has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but the company said the sensors in the device check blood flow.

Later, these details reach an algorithm that tells blood pressure readings by taking different elements into account.

The device’s sensors were provided with data from 7,000 hypertension patients for training.

Systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure numbers appear on the screen and are also provided on the mobile app.

The company hopes that this device will be successful in the fight against high blood pressure while it can be easily used everywhere.

It is priced at $99, but will go on sale after approval from medical regulators.

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