Practical tip for iOS users: How to make Siri understand you even better?

Apple’s voice assistant on the iPhone, iPad and Mac always listens, doesn’t it? Well, there are cases when Siri “closes his ears”. With the following tip, however, we eliminate a common communication problem – works with both iOS and iPad OS on Apple’s tablet.

 With the voice command “Hey Siri” , Apple’s voice assistant comes to life and easily listens to requests and questions. Hassle free? However, Siri does not always really listen , namely when the iPhone or iPad with the display is lying on the table or when the screen is covered. Siri then pretends to be deaf and ignores users. Why is this?

Siri doesn’t always listen on iPhone and iPad, here’s how to help each other on iOS
This behavior is intended by Apple , because if the user lays the iPhone and iPad “prone” on the table , this avoids double Hey Siri calls , for example if there is another HomePod in the room. In short: Actually not a bug, more of a feature. Provided that you know about it and don’t just discover the functionality by accident. But there should also be situations in which you don’t want this , then Siri should always be listening. Is this even possible?

The solution is hidden here
Let’s do it, the way leads once again via the operating aids . We can find them in the settings of iOS and iPad OS . We scroll down to the point just mentioned and get to the “special” Siri settings. Once there, we discover the option “Always pay attention to “Hey Siri””. Disabled by default, we flip the switch without further ado. Now Siri is always listening on iPhone and iPad, even when the screen is facing down or covered.

This could prove to be practical in emergencies , for example , when users are unable to get to their iPhone and still want to call for help using Siri. If we activate the feature, we will be better prepared for such cases in the future.

That’s why you should urgently update your iPhone or Mac now

There are security gaps in many iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that are already being exploited by attackers. Users should update.

Apple has released updates for many iPhones and iPads, as well as Mac computers. Apple warns that this patches vulnerabilities that would otherwise make the devices vulnerable when visiting manipulated websites. According to a report, the vulnerabilities are already being exploited by attackers.

According to the information, iPhones from the 6s model, all iPad Pros, iPad Airs from the second generation, iPads from the fifth generation onwards, iPad Minis from the fourth generation and iPod Touch devices from the seventh generation are affected. You will receive an update to iOS 15.3.1, Mac computers one to macOS 12.2.1.

Apple has also announced that it wants to improve protection against unwanted surveillance by air tags. Together with Apple devices, these small tags form a Find My network. Items equipped with it can be searched and found over the network. However, air tags can also be misused for surveillance if they are secretly planted on people.

A look into the settings

If you have not yet been offered the iOS update, you should proceed as follows: Connect the iPhone or iPad to the charger, activate WLAN, go to “Settings/General/Software update” and then tap on “Download and install”. On Macs, you initiate the update in the Apple menu under “System Preferences/Software Update” by clicking on “Update Now”.

Apple has also announced that it wants to improve protection against unwanted surveillance by air tags. These small tags work with Apple devices to form a Find My network. Items equipped with it, from your pocket to a bunch of keys, can be searched for and found over the network.


However, air tags can also be misused for surveillance if they are secretly planted on people. To protect against possible tracking, iPhone users will receive a warning on the display if they are constantly carrying someone else’s Airtag around with them. In addition, air tags emit an alarm after 24 hours at the latest if they are permanently in the vicinity of a person who is not carrying an iPhone.

In addition, the future Airtag setup will also include a notice that tracking people without their consent is a criminal offense in many regions of the world.

Better warnings, louder alarms

In addition, the warnings should be improved: There are reports from users that security messages were issued because of Airpods in the vicinity, but not when there were Airtags in the area.

In addition, Apple says it is looking into further refining the localization of air tags, further improving the logic of the iPhone warnings because of air tags, connecting the iPhone warnings to the playing of an alarm tone on the air tag and its more precise localization, and changing the alarm tone and make it louder.

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