iPhone 14: New Apple cell phone will last longer

Better Wi-Fi and more battery performance – Apple optimizes the iPhone 14. (Image source: Apple)

Smartphones need a lot of power for their processing needs. Reports say that Apple has decided to a large battery in the upcoming smartphone iPhone 14. 

The Economic Daily News a Taiwanese based newspaper revealed its reports that Apple would install new 5G wireless chips made by TSMC in the iPhone 14.

People are attributing Apple’s decision to use large battery to its decision to use Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon X65” modem iPhone 14. 

TSMC manufactures the new chips using the 6 nm process. This process allows for smaller chips with lower power consumption. Installation of smaller chips has given free space to Apple that’s it has decided to use the “Snapdragon X65” modem. A large battery in iPhone 14 means it will give the smartphone to more power to last longer.

Good to know: The said RF transceiver chip will probably also support the new “Wi-Fi 6E” radio standard. It offers more bandwidth and should ensure less interference. Incidentally, there were already rumors about the new radio technology in November last year . According to the reports, Apple’s decision should also be the basis for the data connection of the mixed reality headsets that will be released next year. In summary: The iPhone 14 offers better battery performance and also has optimized WLAN reception.

Apple’s test production is already underway
With the details that have now become known, the picture of the iPhone 14, whose test production has already started , is completed. Apple should then start mass production in the summer , so that the market launch in September can take place on time. There will again be four models in total, although you will have to do without a mini edition. However, the iPhone 14 Max will be new to the range, the standard variant with a larger 6.7-inch display equivalent to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Practical tip for iOS users: How to make Siri understand you even better?

Apple’s voice assistant on the iPhone, iPad and Mac always listens, doesn’t it? Well, there are cases when Siri “closes his ears”. With the following tip, however, we eliminate a common communication problem – works with both iOS and iPad OS on Apple’s tablet.

 With the voice command “Hey Siri” , Apple’s voice assistant comes to life and easily listens to requests and questions. Hassle free? However, Siri does not always really listen , namely when the iPhone or iPad with the display is lying on the table or when the screen is covered. Siri then pretends to be deaf and ignores users. Why is this?

Siri doesn’t always listen on iPhone and iPad, here’s how to help each other on iOS
This behavior is intended by Apple , because if the user lays the iPhone and iPad “prone” on the table , this avoids double Hey Siri calls , for example if there is another HomePod in the room. In short: Actually not a bug, more of a feature. Provided that you know about it and don’t just discover the functionality by accident. But there should also be situations in which you don’t want this , then Siri should always be listening. Is this even possible?

The solution is hidden here
Let’s do it, the way leads once again via the operating aids . We can find them in the settings of iOS and iPad OS . We scroll down to the point just mentioned and get to the “special” Siri settings. Once there, we discover the option “Always pay attention to “Hey Siri””. Disabled by default, we flip the switch without further ado. Now Siri is always listening on iPhone and iPad, even when the screen is facing down or covered.

This could prove to be practical in emergencies , for example , when users are unable to get to their iPhone and still want to call for help using Siri. If we activate the feature, we will be better prepared for such cases in the future.

That’s why you should urgently update your iPhone or Mac now

There are security gaps in many iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that are already being exploited by attackers. Users should update.

Apple has released updates for many iPhones and iPads, as well as Mac computers. Apple warns that this patches vulnerabilities that would otherwise make the devices vulnerable when visiting manipulated websites. According to a report, the vulnerabilities are already being exploited by attackers.

According to the information, iPhones from the 6s model, all iPad Pros, iPad Airs from the second generation, iPads from the fifth generation onwards, iPad Minis from the fourth generation and iPod Touch devices from the seventh generation are affected. You will receive an update to iOS 15.3.1, Mac computers one to macOS 12.2.1.

Apple has also announced that it wants to improve protection against unwanted surveillance by air tags. Together with Apple devices, these small tags form a Find My network. Items equipped with it can be searched and found over the network. However, air tags can also be misused for surveillance if they are secretly planted on people.

A look into the settings

If you have not yet been offered the iOS update, you should proceed as follows: Connect the iPhone or iPad to the charger, activate WLAN, go to “Settings/General/Software update” and then tap on “Download and install”. On Macs, you initiate the update in the Apple menu under “System Preferences/Software Update” by clicking on “Update Now”.

Apple has also announced that it wants to improve protection against unwanted surveillance by air tags. These small tags work with Apple devices to form a Find My network. Items equipped with it, from your pocket to a bunch of keys, can be searched for and found over the network.


However, air tags can also be misused for surveillance if they are secretly planted on people. To protect against possible tracking, iPhone users will receive a warning on the display if they are constantly carrying someone else’s Airtag around with them. In addition, air tags emit an alarm after 24 hours at the latest if they are permanently in the vicinity of a person who is not carrying an iPhone.

In addition, the future Airtag setup will also include a notice that tracking people without their consent is a criminal offense in many regions of the world.

Better warnings, louder alarms

In addition, the warnings should be improved: There are reports from users that security messages were issued because of Airpods in the vicinity, but not when there were Airtags in the area.

In addition, Apple says it is looking into further refining the localization of air tags, further improving the logic of the iPhone warnings because of air tags, connecting the iPhone warnings to the playing of an alarm tone on the air tag and its more precise localization, and changing the alarm tone and make it louder.

Tap to Pay on iPhone: Apple introduces new payment method

With Apple Pay you can pay in-store with your iPhone. Soon it might also work at the weekly market. Apple has now laid the foundation for this.

Apple’s Apple Pay payment service usually works wherever you can pay with a credit card – especially in larger shops. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, the company will soon be turning many iPhones into payment terminals. According to the press release , all you need is an iPhone XR (or a more recent model) and the right partner app, and any iPhone can accept payments via NFC. The central component of the tap-to-pay-on-iPhone function is of course Apple Pay, but contactless payment should also work with other services, wallets, credit and debit cards in the future.

iPhone replaces Terminal

Convenient for customers: you don’t have to change at all. Instead of an NFC terminal, you are simply given an iPhone to hold your cell phone or Apple Watch or (NFC-enabled) credit card to complete the traction. As with Apple Pay, all transactions made with Tap to Pay on iPhone are encrypted. According to Apple, it does not know what you bought where and when.

When will Tap to Pay on iPhone be available?

First, Apple wants to work with leading payment platforms and app developers from the payment service provider and eCommerce industry to enable Tap to Pay on iPhone merchants in the US. The Stripe platform is the starting point. More services are to follow later in 2022. In order for companies to be able to adapt their apps accordingly, Apple wants to integrate Tap to Pay on iPhone in an upcoming beta version of iOS. That doesn’t sound like an early start in Germany.

Apple Event in early March. There will be a new iPhone SE and iPad Air

Apple is preparing very seriously for the upcoming premieres. Rumors suggest the company will introduce the largest number of new devices in history in one year. The next event is to additionally feature cheaper equipment, which may result from the difficult market situation.

According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to allay any fears that supply chain problems will hurt sales. On the other hand, however, it is known that the company has strongly focused on cheaper devices, which may be caused by further problems with the supply chain.

Upcoming premieres

According to reports, Apple is working intensively on updated versions of the iPhone SE and iPad Air. The new iPhone SE is to allow the use of 5G, have an improved camera and a faster processor. The project itself, however, will be similar to the current version, which debuted in April 2020.

The situation is similar with the new iPad Air, which will be an update to the previous model. The equipment will receive a faster processor and 5G support. Bloomberg sources also report that Apple is planning a new Mac with Apple-designed chips, which are also likely to be unveiled at an upcoming event.

The upcoming Apple Event is expected to take place around March 8. In addition to new devices, fans of the brand can also expect the announcement of a larger iOS update, which will add Face ID support for people wearing masks.

After the spring event, Apple will probably be getting ready for the Worldwide Developers Conference, but the most important premieres will probably come in the fall. It is then that the company will announce the new iPhone 14 and Mac computers.

Apple’s cheap iPhone 8 is expected to be introduced on March

The iPhone SE3 from Apple could be introduced on March 8.

According to a Bloomberg report , Apple may also present the iPhone SE3, iPad Air, and Mac Mini at the March 8 event.

Apple has already announced that iOS 15.4 will be introduced in March, which is currently available in beta version.
This new operating system will also allow you to unlock the device with a face mask.

According to Lex, the iPhone SE3 is expected to have a 4.7-inch display with 5G support, which will also have a Touch ID feature.

The phone will come with Apple’s powerful A15 processor, which is also part of the iPhone 13 series.

In addition, 4 GB RAM and 128 to 256 GB storage options may be available.

The back of the phone will have a single camera equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor while the device will have a battery of 1820 mAh with 15 watts fast charging support.

According to the leak, the price of the iPhone SE is likely to be 300 300 (over 52,000 Pakistani rupees) and thus it will be the cheapest phone in the history of the company.

The current model of the iPhone SE is currently priced at 39 399, but the company is developing its next generation model primarily with India in mind, which is why the price is likely to be kept low so that Xiaomi and Real Brands like me can be hit.

iOS 16: revolutionary concept changes the way we call forever

Have you ever thought about it: What could or should be changed in the basic concept of a telephone call in 2022? Hard to imagine that there is anything there. And yet, the following idea is so brilliant that Apple would have to be crazy not to want to include it in the upcoming iOS 16 for the iPhone.

 If you don’t know , you can actually still use a smartphone like the iPhone to make phone calls these days. Unfortunately, very few do, especially younger people who spurn contact in this way. Instead, there are text deserts or voice messages that you send to each other and then have to read through or listen to at length. A direct conversation seems to have fallen out of fashion.

Revolutionary idea for iOS 16: Subject line for phone calls – wow

So how could you make the telephone call itself more attractive again?
Dan Mall, CEO of SuperFriendly, has a genuinely brilliant idea that will end up changing the way we call forever (Source: Dan Mall via 9to5Mac ). 

The idea: Before someone calls, a subject is set and written down, similar to an email. The person called is shown this subject line directly on the iPhone display, even before accepting the call. On the one hand, he or she has the opportunity to set up a brief conversation, you also save yourself explanatory words at the beginning of the conversation and on the other hand, you can reject the call directly if you are not interested.

Well, this is how you deal with unwanted calls today:

This makes the phone call much more efficient and fears of taking the call are eliminated. But the idea goes even further. For example, as a user, you could make it mandatory to enter a subject. If this doesn’t happen, the call goes straight to the mailbox. A small downside: All of this was probably only possible between Apple devices, Android smartphones have to stay outside.

Also intended for the Apple Watch

Why not also for the Apple Watch? A language assistant like Siri would of course be helpful for this (Dan Mall via 9to5Mac).

However, the feature would not be limited to the iPhone alone, integration into the Apple Watch would be just as conceivable and sensible for Mall. This is paraphrased for the smartwatch as follows:

“For example, you could tell a voice assistant to call about a specific topic. And if you skip it, you might be prompted to do so. This type of interaction is less complicated than typing, and both outgoing and incoming calls provide and capture more information.”

We think: Wonderful! Hopefully Apple will get wind of it and consider something similar for the upcoming iOS 16 . The readers at 9to5Mac agree, by the way. To date, more than 70 percent of those who took part in a survey agreed with the following statement: “Yes, I would like to know what the subject of a call is before I answer it.” Only just under 20 percent are outspoken , the rest appear to be Generally no longer interested in telephone calls.

Xiaomi has a problem: the flood of smartphones has stopped working

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Xiaomi has nothing to smile about

Xiaomi certainly imagined things differently: In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Chinese manufacturer will be treading water, while Apple and Samsung will be the winners. For Xiaomi, the question arises as to whether the previous strategy still has a future. A commentary by Kaan Gürayer.

Xiaomi fails to increase smartphone market share
The numbers that the market researchers at Canalys have compiled for Xiaomi are oppressive: In the recently completed fourth quarter of 2021, the busy electronics group secured a 12 percent share of global smartphone sales – just as much as in the previous year . Gold and silver medals go to Apple and Samsung (Source: Canalys )

Notorious optimists, who always see the glass half full, would now object: “Neither improved nor worsened, it fits!” But things are not that simple for Xiaomi. The manufacturer seems to be bringing new smartphones onto the market every week , which are intended to attract customers with an even more aggressive price-performance ratio. Given that, these numbers are more than sobering, especially since things are not going well for smartwatches either .

With this “a lot helps a lot” strategy, Xiaomi is reminiscent of Samsung’s former business practices. Up until a few years ago, the South Koreans also flooded the market with countless, almost indistinguishable smartphones.

Model Samsung
However , the industry leader has got the curve , now relies on “class instead of mass” and has caught up massively, especially in the area of ​​software and ecosystem. Hardly any other manufacturer, apart from Google itself, delivers Android updates so quickly and so long. And the interaction of the different devices – from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and in-ear headphones – is making enormous progress and is now almost as good as the big Apple model.

Smartphones are just a playing field of Xiaomi:

China cell phone beats iPhone 13 – and costs 200 euros less

The iPhone 13, here the mini version, has to admit defeat to a Chinese cell phone.
Apple’s iPhone 13 has no notable weaknesses. The dark side of the all-round carefree package: The latest version of the cult smartphone doesn’t have any real trump cards either. This can currently be seen in the well-known camera ranking by DxOMark, in which a Chinese cell phone that is 200 euros cheaper performs better.

 For many potential smartphone buyers, the camera has become the tipping point. The following applies: the more expensive a smartphone, the better the camera, as a rule. However, the Vivo X70 Pro proves that every rule has an exception.

iPhone 13 narrowly beaten by the Vivo X70 Pro in the camera ranking
In the DxOMark camera ranking, the smartphone achieves 131 points and can thus just beat Apple’s iPhone 13 (source: DxOMark ). The advantage over the competition from Cupertino is only one point, but as is well known, even a narrow victory is a victory.

Samsung and Apple can pack up: This is the fastest smartphone in the world
The fact that the Vivo X70 Pro was able to beat the iPhone 13 is particularly interesting in view of the prices of the two smartphones: In China, the Vivo cell phone is sold for 4,299 yuan, which is the equivalent of 590 euros. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, costs 5,999 yuan, the equivalent of around 830 euros – more than 200 euros cheaper than the iPhone 13 .

China Handy convinces with accurate exposure and high dynamic range
The Vivo smartphone was able to score points, among other things, with its accurate exposure, which is also convincing in poor lighting conditions, and the high dynamic range. Color reproduction and video stabilization were also praised. On the other hand, there was criticism for a slight image noise and the shutter release delay. In the individual photo category it was even enough for 139 points.

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