Sindh’s municipal elections have generated controversy because of claims of rigging and delayed results.

After peaceful polling, municipal elections in Karachi, Hyderabad, and other Sindh cities were marred by rigging and delayed results. Political parties accused the People’s Party of rigging and called the Election Commission a “silent spectator,” Dawn reported. However, PPP accused its rivals, especially PTI, of deliberately sabotaging the peaceful election process in light of its defeat in most of the province, including Karachi. Political parties claimed that Karachi local body election results were being delayed a few hours after polling ended at 5 pm.

People boycotted the municipal elections because Karachi’s popular leader living in London made an appeal to do this.

The Islamic party which is claiming victory and claims it is from the God got only few hundred votes in each constituency.


MQM London allowed to resume its activities in Karachi

Coordinating committee members to work for recovery of missing workers – File Photo: MQM Website

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), led by Altaf Hussain, popularly known as MQM-London, resumed its organizational activities in Karachi after a gap of more than five years. And two senior leaders have been nominated as members of their party’s highest decision-making forum coordination committee.

According to a report in Dawn newspaper, the development is in line with a petition filed in the Sindh High Court by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to lift the ban on Altaf Hussain’s speeches in London in 2015. 

According to a statement sent to Dawn by London-based MQM leader Mustafa Azizabadi, former National Assembly member Kanwar Khalid Younis and Pakistan-based senior leftist leader Momin Khan Momin have been appointed senior deputy convener and deputy of the coordination committee respectively. 

The statement said the two would pursue the cases of detained MQM workers and work for the recovery of missing workers.

It was further stated that further organizational setup would be announced in the coming days and party ‘loyalists’ have been directed to remain in touch with Kanwar Khalid Younis and Mom Khan.

Meanwhile, another statement issued on Sunday said that the Coordinating Committee had sent a petition to the Supreme Court of Pakistan from London against the ‘illegal and unconstitutional’ ban on Altaf Hussain’s speeches.

This development indicates that MQM is being revived against to contain PPP again. I think that powers that should have honestly reviewed their cases and allowed them to carry on their political activities. Their sudden revival will anger PPP too and new phase of conflict will start in the city. 

Imran Khan loses majority in the parliament due the betrayal of MQM(Pakistan)

The United Opposition gave a big surprise to the government before the no-confidence motion, the main coalition party MQM (Pakistan) also left the government

The United Opposition and the MQM have signed an agreement. 

 The MQM has decided to support the no-confidence motion. Why MQM has left the government and joined the parties like PPP and PMLN which has always oppressed MQM in the past and never fulfilled their agreements made in different occasions. 

Now Imran Khan has only 164 members on his side and the united opposition has managed to get the support of 177 national assembly members.

New reports say that Opposition leaders arrived at Parliament Lodges last night and met with MQM leaders.

According to opposition sources, MQM will support the opposition in the no-confidence motion. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has also confirmed that the opposition has reached an agreement with the MQM, which will be formally announced today.

 Late last night, ruling party leaders Pervez Khattak and Shah Mehmood Qureshi also telephoned the MQM leadership.

According to the reports, a number of issues were settled between the MQM and the opposition on Tuesday night, after which the MQM assured the united opposition of its support in the no-confidence motion.

According to sources, the MQM has been assured that the amendment in the local body laws will be withdrawn and an MQM administrator will be appointed in Karachi and Hyderabad by Friday before the no-confidence vote. A dozen offices will be opened in Hyderabad.

MQM Pakistan leaders should know that neither PPP and nor PMLN honored any agreements made in the past. How can they trust them? 

PPP has totally ignored MQM and Karachi. If MQM leaders think PPP will hold local bodies elections and allow them to have their administrator and develop their constituencies they are sadly mistaken. 

 Meanwhile, the government will also withdraw false political cases against MQM workers in two to three days with the formation of a new government.

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